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Grounding helps you naturally reduce pain, inflammation and stress while improving your mood, sleep and overall well-being. Earthing products give your body access to the grounding response and bring your mind, body and energy back to your most natural state.

The earth's surface has a virtually limitless supply of mobile electrons that gives the ground a natural negative electric charge. When you touch your body to the ground, it dissipates static electricity and extraneous environmental electrical charges that are on you. At the same time, you receive a charge of energy in the form of free electrons and your body synchronizes with the natural frequencies of the earth. You can think about Earthing products as extension cords that connect you to the ground outside.

Earthing products were created by Clint Ober after spending decades of researching the healing power of Earthing. Learn more about Clint's journey and how he started the grounding revolution.

Earthing ground therapy products

Earthing magazine next to bed

Earthing magazine next to fireplace

Earthing Success Stories

"Grounding has changed my life. I no longer worry about trying to survive the day.  I'm excited about living my day and about tomorrow because I know there will be more improvements.  I want to shout this from the rooftops: Everybody with MS needs to be grounded."
Melanie, Multiple Sclerosis

"For eight years I suffered 24/7 from considerable leg pain due to neuropathy. After some 18 to 20 months of sleeping grounded on an Earthing sheet, my legs are completely healed of the neuropathy. For two and half years now I've had no problem with neuropathy. What worked for me may not work for everyone, but this is my result. I have a left shoulder that has been seriously injured three times in my life, and I attach three or four grounding patches to it each night as I sleep and by the next morning 90-95% of the pain is gone."

My husband and I have been using earthing pillowcases and the sleep mat for three months. I felt like maybe there wasn't a significant difference. UNTIL I traveled without them. For the past 10 days I have been sleeping without our grounding products. My restless leg syndrome has returned, as well as severe leg cramps during the night. I didn't realize the gradual changes and benefits I was experiencing, until these negative symptoms returned. I can't wait to get back to our earthing products. Will definitely bring my pillowcase with me, next time!
Anita A.

Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit

Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit

The Earthing Elite Mattress Covers are made from our proprietary grounding material that is the culmination of two decades of research and development. It's 100% conductive, easy to clean, and very durable.

Patch Kit

Patch Kit

Patches can be used anywhere you stretch, work out, sit, relax or sleep and can be applied to any part of the body for targeted pain relief. Or they can be applied to the palms of the hands or bottom of the feet as these are the most conductive point on the body.

Universal Mat Kit

Universal Mat Kit

The Earthing Universal Mat is our most versatile product! It can be used on top of a desk under your keyboard and mouse, or under your desk to put your feet on. Put it on a couch to sit on, or on the back of the couch to lean against. Move it around your kitchen to stand on while washing dishes, prepping dinner, and cooking at the stove. Set it up in the bathroom to stand on while brushing your teeth, or to rest your feet on while sitting on the toilet. You can even take it into your bed at night and sleep on it!

Standard Pillow Cover

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Standard Pillow Cover

The Earthing Elite® Pillow Cover envelopes your regular-size pillow to easily get you grounded while you sleep. It's made from our proprietary Earthing Elite ® grounding material (the culmination of two decades of research and development). It's 100% conductive, easy to clean, and very durable. Once it's connected to your grounded wall outlet, you're ready to enjoy blissful, grounded sleep. 

Our New Conductive Earthing® Pillowcases are specially designed to be used over a grounded Earthing Pillow Cover. No need for a ground cord, just contact with the grounded Earthing Pillow Cover! 

Auto Seat Mat Kit

The Auto Seat Mat connects you to the metal frame of your vehicle

The Auto Seat Mat connects you to the metal frame of your vehicle through the Auto Coil Cord. While this does not create a true earth ground, it pulls static electricity off your body that accumulates as you drive. 

Chair Mat Kit
The Earthing® Chair Mat

Sit down and relax! The Earthing® Chair Mat connects you to the earth's energy through the grounded port of your wall outlet while you work, eat, and socialize. 

Other Earthing Products

Other Earthing Products - Earthing Mug

Earthing Socks


The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding (full documentary):

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