Donna On The Go Up for an Emmy

It began as an idea. And now it's on its way to an Emmy. 

"It" is a new show called Donna On The Go created by Peggy Lane about her friend Donna Russo. It is unique, charming and viewers worldwide are falling in love with it. In a world of copycat ideas, cop programs and behind-the-scene productions masquerading as actual shows comes this groundbreaking web series. It's real, with a captivating main character and content than matters.

New Show Takes Light-hearted, but Eye-Opening View of Challenges of Disability Community

Donna on the Go LogoWhen Executive Producer and Director Peggy Lane met Donna Russo a little over a year ago, it never occurred to her that one day she would create a show about her. She was just looking for a roommate.

Donna was born with Turner Syndrome and now has adult onset FSH Muscular Dystrophy. She uses a walker and sometimes a wheelchair.  When Peggy saw how much effort even the simplest things required, she says her "heart went out to her." No stranger to wheelchairs, Lane went through this with both her parents. She had some personal experience with challenges, too.

One thing that differed was that Donna is a dancer and "once a dancer, always a dancer." 

Donna On the Go.  Donna Dancing.

Donna attends wheelchair dancing classes and, for the last two years, has been an ambassador for Abilities Expo.  She and Choreographer Tam Warner performed a beautiful dance for at the Expo called, "I Won't Give Up."  A YouTube sensation, It has been enjoyed by nearly 60,000 viewers.

Tam also created the dance seen in the "Performance" episode of Donna On The Go. It was presented as a workshop for the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles and became a true inspiration for Peggy. No newcomer to the creative process, she has more than 30 producer credits under her belt, including films that have qualified for an Academy Award and gone to Cannes. She created Donna On The Go after a trip with Donna to a Target store where she witnessed first hand her numerous challenges with the scooter and reaching the shelves. Yet, they were both laughing. Peggy decided the time was right to do a show about this—the light side of difficulties. 

One episode deals with the challenges of a handicapped ramp, another with a broken elevator and how to get down to the underground parking. Donna On The Go is clever and sweet but, most of all, it is funny. Peggy captures a tone that is delicate, honest but not brutal, sweet but not saccharine, and at its core, hopeful. 

Donna Russo

"Performance," the season finale, is a moving tribute to the woman Peggy calls inspiring—Donna Russo. 

An exciting validation of this unique and touching work, Donna On the Go is up for an Emmy in the calegory of Outstanding Short Form Non Fiction. It is truly original. Watch it at and share it with your friends.

It is available to Emmy viewers to watch and vote for on Voting ends Monday, June 26. 


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