Nation’s First Integrated Dance Company Needs Dancers with Disabilities

As the lights warmed the beautiful stage at the Lincoln Theatre, I could feel the energy of the audience. The anticipation and excitement penetrated my body—a feeling I have experienced too many times to count over my nearly 40 years of performing and directing The Dancing Wheels Company & School. As the dance/theater production progressed in re-telling the real-life stories of the quest for equality experienced by our dancers of all abilities, the crowd began to cheer. They applauded at every integral part of the impactful David Rousseve’s piece, Walking on Clouds. As the concert progressed, the audience grew in their level of excitement resulting in a rousing standing ovation and thunderous applause as we took our final bow.

Dancing Wheels

This description of a recent performance is just one example of the genuine feeling of appreciation, gratification and fulfillment experienced by our dancers from our work as educators and performers. Time and time again, dancers remark that our Company is far more than just a dance company, they realize they are changing perceptions and lives through every presentation.

It is our mission to educate, integrate and entertain through the medium of dance and to make dance accessible to all who wish to participate or experience it as an audience member; a mission that has been our guiding light for nearly four decades. And now, we need more dancers!

Prestigious Dancing Wheels Company Is Looking to Hire Accomplished Wheelchair Dancer

The Dancing Wheels Company, America’s first physically integrated dance company, reaches 30,000-50,000 people all over the world with performances, master class and guest appearances. The Company which is comprised of professionally trained stand-up and sit-down (wheelchair) dancers, is based in Cleveland but tours globally. The 10-member ensemble works full time, 12 months a year, with paid vacation and holiday time off.

We pride ourselves on achieving the highest quality performances and performing a wide and diverse repertory created by amazing choreographers throughout the country.

Dancing Wheels

The Company seeks to hire a wheelchair dancer (male or female) to work full time with the Company. This opportunity will enable interested candidates to train and work in a field that is growing rapidly throughout the world. Our Company members train and rehearse daily, Monday through Friday.

Touring is an exciting opportunity to see the world. Our next stop is Beijing, China! Dancers who are interested in teaching or choreographing will be trained to do so as well. If athleticism and an active lifestyle interest you, then Dancing Wheels will offer you a joyful and exciting opportunity to live the dream!

Dancing Wheels

You can access a full description of the audition notice, an application and directions on how to contact Mary Verdi-Fletcher, President/Founding Artistic Director, here.

For more information about the Company and School, please visit our website at

Dancing Wheels

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