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Blue Heart Hero, a 3D printable assistive device company in Brooklyn, was created to help those with limb differences and disabilities. However, Amin and Jed, the founders of Blue Heart Hero, realized that the problem lies in the design of certain products, not the people. This led them to create CURVD®, a company that was inspired by Blue Heart Hero but would focus on creating products for everyone regardless of limb differences.

With so many products that people use daily, there had to be a way to create products for all people, including those with limb differences or disabilities. The CURVD® brand's mission is to assist all people throughout their daily life and is always about accessibility and design, as evidence in high-quality products like the CURVD Mug.

With the CURVD Mug, anyone can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, tea or any drink of their choice. The story behind their mug first begins with how CURVD was created, and what inspired them to create a new company focused on products for individuals with disabilities.

Curvd Mugs

The Story of CURVD and Their Commitment to the Disability Community

CURVD was founded with the goal of creating products that everyone can use. Their first inspiration came from their experiences with Blue Heart Hero, where they work with many populations and individuals with disabilities. After spending time with so many people with varied needs, Amin and Jed began to realize that there was the potential for a new company focused on products for all people, regardless of their differences or disabilities.

The idea for CURVDs first product was simple, yet powerful: to create a mug that all individuals could use. It wouldn't be a mug that people had seen before, but rather redesigned and reconfigured to be used by all. No matter one's differences or disabilities, the mug design would be perfect for everyone. With that in mind, the founders got to work!

Woman with Curvd mug

After making prototypes of mugs and testing them out with communities with disabilities, they realized that they were onto something great. CURVD received overwhelmingly positive responses from people about the product and how well it benefitted their lives. They had found the perfect model, and they were ready to create something that would be shared amongst a wider community.

CURVD Mugs moved forward with production and the product release was met with positive critiques and applause for their design concept. The attention earned them awards, too! As a result, the CURVD Mugs were even featured in the Industrial Designers Society of America awards as a finalist, nearly winning the Design Excellence Award in 2021.

What Makes CURVD Mugs Special?

Aside from the desire to design something unique and one-of-a-kind, CURVD Mugs are also engineered for everybody. So regardless of their size, capabilities and shape, almost anyone can use the CURVD® Mug in their own life. The product was designed with unique bodies in mind and made with high-quality materials. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe, for convenience within your space!

What makes the CURVD Mug special is that there's a specific angle to the mug that makes it different from others created. As a result, it is easy to rest the mug on the hand without even tilting it. In addition, the wide and smooth handles make it easier than ever to grip the mug with a firm and comfortable grip.

Woman with Curvd mug

Additionally, the wide opening of the handle makes it easier to slide in hand and makes it easier to transfer the weight to the hand rather than the finger joints. It's easier to hold for nearly every individual, especially those who have dexterity in their hands. Everyone loves a good design, and there has not been a significant upgrade in centuries to the mug! The goal of CURVD was to create something spectacular and well-designed.

Get Your CURVD Mug Today

CURVD is excited to unveil its newest creation, and there are numerous possibilities for the future with more accessible products like theirs. A contemporary, modern and minimal design like CURVD is already changing the nature of homeware. The primary focus has always been on usability, inclusivity and accessibility.

CURVD's mission is to be Human Friendly. No matter one's differences and unique features, CURVD sets itself apart by appealing to a much wider audience. The products are created with everyone in mind and everybody in the design process.

If you want to purchase a CURVD Mug for yourself, visit the website today to learn more about the products and even to reach out as a business for a free promotional sample. CURVD is ready to change the future of drinkware, create more inclusive options and focus on superior design with each product. Join the future of inclusive and high-quality products today by purchasing your CURVD Mug.

Woman with Curvd mug

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