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Crytico will be exhibiting at the Bay Area Abilities Expo, November 21-23, 2014.

Crytico Logo is a long overdue resource for the community of people with disabilities and is catching like wildfire! Imagine having the opportunity to read and review the thousands of mobility products, vehicles, dealers in one utilitarian, ubber-accessible website.

"We couldn't be more excited to bring Crytico to the community!" said Crytico Mobility Advocate Monique McGinvey. "For decades, people have been able to go to Yelp, TripAdvisor and Angie's List to read and write reviews on travel, restaurants, contractors, etc. In our industry however, there was no place for customers to go to read and write reviews on products unique to them."

The goals of this new kid on the digital block are lofty ones. wants to take the obstacles that exist between consumers, dealers, retailers and manufactures in the mobility industry and replace them with accessible transparency. "Never in the history of the mobility industry has there been one website to display information on every product that our industry serves, which is estimated to be over 5,000," stated McGinvey. "In addition to that, this is the first review site designed specifically for consumers with mobility challenges, so we want to be cognizant to the ease in which the site functions; the customer experience is of utmost importance." 

How works

Crytico Logo

Recently launched, is already up to nearly 600 reviews and going strong. (Hint, hint: They are waiting to receive your personal two cents.) Currently, there are approximately 1,000 products and 400 local mobility dealer/providers, numbers that are expected to skyrocket! You can search by individual or, if you want to see all the reviews, by category of merchandise. Once you drill down to the product page, you'll find an image, a handy description, the opportunity to pose a related question, existing reviews and, of course, the chance to write your own.

Crytico Logo

Let's say you are dying to impart your wisdom on a gem of a mobility product that you discovered. You log on to and name the product in the search bar prominently featured at the top of the homepage, but the query comes up empty. You congratulate your trendsetting self and complete the product form that automatically populates. Within 24 hours, you will be sharing your thoughts on your new find to the world.

To keep things on the up and up, every reviewer that comes through is authenticated by an independent call center. If the call center cannot make contact with the reviewer within 48 hours, the review is taken off the website. This is benefit is exclusive to Crytico and lends 100% legitimacy to the posted reviews.

Here are a just a few samples of others in the Community who are already sounding off of disability products:

Review: Northstar In-Floor Ramp on a VMI Honda Odyssey

Rating: 5 stars

The ramp slides out of the floor board and the rear ramp tilts. I lock my right in place and it's all button pushing. I ride in my car and you can't ask for anything better. This is my third Honda van and we got the touring addition on this one. My grandson loves to watch movies before we go to get his hair cut. It gets fairly good gas mileage but with my wheelchair it puts more weight on the van. It ride very nice and smooth. We have GPS on this one and the last but my first I didn't have this feature. We haven't had any problems with any of the vans that we have bought.

Northstar In-Floor Ramp on a VMI Honda Odyssey

Rating: 5 stars

REVIEW: Performance Mobility (Local service in Phoenix, AZ)

Rating: 5 stars

Customer since 1995. I have purchased four accessible vans through them, 3 full size ford vans and now a Toyota Braun minivan. From Stan down through Linda, Brent and John, they are all wonderful. It says a lot that I have been coming here for so many years. My wife and I have traveled with our vans and had to work with other mobility dealers and no one compares to this team. They can create solutions where you thought there was none."

Review: Ability Center (Local service dealer in Sacramento, CA)

Rating: 5 stars

I bought my van 10 months ago. Ability Center is a great place to buy a van. They are very accommodating and fix things to my needs and abilities. The staff is friendly and pleasant to work with. I am satisfied with the van and the two three-way accessible seats that were installed that allow me freedom to drive around town and to travel.

The more reviewers, they more viable this website will be for the Community, so log on tell about your experience with different products. Sharing is caring and you will be helping someone else make their purchase decisions!

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