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A woman in a wheelchair is smiling with a phone in her hand on a city street. In a circle frame, a hand is holding two Cure Ultra intermittent catheters, about to stow them in a small tan purse. It reads: Discreet portability helps support an active lifestyle.

The Cure Ultra® and Cure Ultra® Plus™ offer benefits such as:

  • Comfort – Smooth, polished eyelets help reduce irritation that can lead to infection.
  • Convenience – The pre-lubricated catheter saves time and eliminates the potential mess associated with preparing a catheter for use.
  • Confidence – Flexible, attractive packaging and kink-resistant catheter help enable discreet portability.

Close-up images explain the features and use of the Cure Ultra intermittent catheters.

Additional benefits include: 

  • A CoverAll™ feature provides consistent distribution of gel as the catheter is removed from the package.
  • Unique, 'No Roll' connector/funnel end helps enable controlled handling.
  • Gripper sleeve for controlled, clean, 'No Touch' use.
  • A control stripe on the coude tip helps ensure proper insertion orientation.
  • Not made with potentially harmful chemicals such as DEHP/DINP, BPA, or NR-Latex for safety and peace of mind.
  • Minimum product and packaging material means less waste and a more eco-conscious choice.


"I use Cure Ultra 14 pre-lubed catheters. I am very satisfied with these catheters. I highly recommend your product."
– Cure Ultra male catheter user

"Cure Ultra female is my preferred product. It's lightweight so it's very portable, and it's pre-lubricated so it's easy to use."
– Cure Ultra female catheter user

*Quotes are from actual product users. For privacy, photos of people are not product users.    

Convatec Continence Care offers innovative intermittent catheters for men, women, and children designed for safety, comfort, and convenience.

Learn more by watching a video demonstration of the Cure Ultra®

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Cure Ultra® and Cure Ultra® Plus™ are available from your local healthcare product supplier by prescription. Complimentary samples are available here.

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