Cure Medical® Pocket Catheter

LogoThe popular, U-shaped Cure Medical® Pocket Catheter is an ideal choice for individuals who value the convenience and discretion of carrying a catheter in a pant pocket or small bag. The family of Cure Medical® Pocket Catheters are available in several configurations including the M14XL—an extra-long, 25" option.

This extra-long catheter eliminates the need to transfer from a wheelchair or use additional extension tubing. By eliminating the need to transfer, you are not at risk of falling or straining your upper body. What a relief!

Additional features of the M14XL Extra Long Intermittent Catheter Include:

  • Large flaps on pouch to enable a better grip for easy opening with minimal effort
  • Smooth polished eyelets on the straight catheter tip help increase comfort
  • A packet of water-soluble lubricant to aide in comfortable insertion
  • High quality materials—made without DEHP/DINP, BPA, or natural rubber latex offer peace of mind

Ask to try complimentary samples of the 25", M14XL Cure Medical Pocket Catheter today!

Convatec is a global medical products and technologies company focused on solutions for the management of chronic conditions, with leading market positions in continence care.

Benefits of Cure Medical Pocket Catheter



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