Handicap This!

Handicap This! Stars Mike and Tim Wambach

It all started in the spring of 2001 when Tim Wambach stopped by a school district office on a whim. He put in an application to be a substitute teacher and that’s when the wheel of fate began to roll. Soon, he found himself face-to-face with a 12 year-old kid named Mike Berkson, a warm, funny, optimistic genius trapped in a body challenged by Cerebral Palsy. The teacher was in for the biggest lesson of his life. Tim became Mike’s one-on-one aide and formed a friendship at that middle school—a bond that has continued to this day—with an incredible revelation that would change lives everywhere and an amazing physical act that inspired tens of thousands. Each discovered something within the other that connected them. Each discovered in the other something that inspired them.

Their friendship has spanned over a decade, but the adventure is just beginning. They have created a 2-man live stage show, Handicap This! —a motivational entertainment company on wheels, making audiences laugh, cry, stand up and cheer. But, most of all, they have broken down the barriers that separate people. What started out as two friends dreaming of a way to make a difference has become so much more. To date, they have had more than 33 performances (with at least eight more scheduled for 2013 alone) from Scranton, PA to Glendale, AZ to just about everywhere in between and over 20,000 people have witnessed this amazing true story. They have been hired by high schools, colleges, universities and corporations to bring diversity and inclusion to the forefront.

What is Handicap This? It is a powerful look at friendship, breaking down barriers, living with disabilities and, most of all, about living to your potential. This stage show is their real story! Tim and Mike’s overall mission and compelling true story raise awareness about people with severe physical handicaps and inspire individuals to achieve their own goals and dreams. In this 78-minute journey, you are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions and you will leave wanting to be a better you. The dynamic duo bring honesty, humor, and their life lessons to the audience in a way that has never been seen before.

Handicap This has an active Facebook Fan Page with fans in over 20 countries, from Canada to Australia, from Ireland to Japan. Mike and Tim post fun, inspirational messages and engage with their fans daily.

You can also find them on Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest.

They have also created their very own online “reality series.” Season One includes thirteen webisodes that capture a day in the life of Mike and Tim. The guys created a way to enjoy their message from the comfort of your own home!

You can check out a Webisode right here:

Mike and Tim will be speaking at the Abilities Expo in Chicago!



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