How CBD Remedies Can Help Your Condition

By Phillip Silverstein, Inflamade

According to the National Library of Medicine, humans have turned to the cannabis plant for medicinal remedies for thousands of years. The discovery of its curative powers is credited to a Chinese emperor who ruled around 2000 BC. The Egyptians recorded success in the topical application of cannabis about 1500 BC, and reports of its therapeutic use are etched on Assyrian clay tablets. Experts have also revealed its use by the Akkadians (now Central Iraq) for the treatment of depression. Suffice it to say, the healing properties of cannabis has been around for a while, but it wasn't until the 20th century discovery of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that we began to understand why cannabidiol (CBD) remedies work so well.

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The Healing Power of CBD

ECS is a vast network of chemical signals and cellular receptors which are, pursuant to Harvard Health Publishing, responsible for "our most critical bodily functions such as learning and memory, emotional processing, sleep, temperature control, pain control, inflammatory and immune responses, and eating." Cannabinoids such as CBD are compounds found in the cannabis plant that work naturally with the body's endocannabinoid system, and are absorbed to help regulate pain, mood and sleep.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another main cannabinoid, is the primary psychoactive component of the cannabis plant which causes euphoria and that "high" feeling. For many people looking for options to help treat their conditions, they want the therapeutic benefits of CBD, without the side effects of THC.

That's where Inflamade comes in. They have been a trusted source of premium, lab tested CBD products for sleep, stress, and pain relief for Abilities community for years. Inflamade products contain 0% THC and are always tested for cleanliness and potency—you can never get high or fail a drug test taking Inflamade.

Inflamade Products

Inflamade CBD products can be effective to reduce inflammation in the body, leading to less pain, a more restored feeling after a deep sleep, and less stress and anxiety during the day. Show after show, those that find Inflamade for the first time find a new solution for their unique case of pain. Whether it's phantom pains in amputees, arthritis, shoulder pains, muscle spasms, or stiff joints, the CBD cream seems to be working wonders!

For those with MS, seizures, hyperactivity and sleep issues, Inflamade tinctures are made with the cleanest premium ingredients and are helpful for calming down, reducing pain, falling asleep and staying asleep.

Inflamade Seeks to Reduce Financial Hardships

Feeling better has never been easier—on you and your wallet! In an effort to be a source of relief and happiness, without the financial burden, Inflamade has partnered with Sezzle.

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With Sezzle, you can order more, and pay later. At checkout, simply select the "Sezzle" option to split your order into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks, so that you get what you need, when you want. Your items are shipped to you the same day as checkout. Less sleepless nights, and less days in pain. You only pay for 25% of the order at the time of purchase, and then you pay three more times over the course of six weeks. For example, if your purchase was $100 in total, you would pay $25 on day one, $25 14 days later, $25 14 days after that, and finally the last $25 a total of six weeks after ordering. There is absolutely no additional cost to use this option.

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As a long time partner of Abilities Expo, Inflamade is happy to extend a 20% discount to the Abilities community. Just enter code "Abilities20" at checkout for your 20% discount!

Sleep better, feel better, and live better with Inflamade CBD products. Good for soreness, stiff joints, pain, arthritis, cramps, nerve damage, swelling, skin conditions and more—and now light on the wallet with 6 weeks to pay off your order! Visit us at

CBD Remedies by Inflamade

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