7 Products Every Caregiver Should Try

By Mollie Wilson

Regardless of if you are caring for a child, sibling, or other family member, being a caregiver for love ones is truly a never-ending job. With appointments, balancing schedules, household tasks, and much more, it's no wonder many who care for loved one's report feeling immense amounts of stress in their everyday lives. Managing the logistics and feelings of all family members is no small task. In order to sustain the role of caregiving, it's important to think about ways to ask for help, and ways to take care of yourself.

Prioritizing the time to practice self-care may feel like an impossible feat. It may even feel selfish to take care of your own needs, but it's crucial to remember that a focused, restored caregiver will be best able to show up well for the family member or loved one they are caring for.

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The good news is, there are tons of helpful products on the market these days—ones that really work to simplify daily tasks and ones for caregivers to use personally too. Best of all, they are all easy to find, easy to use, and very affordable! Many of these products will improve daily life and will incorporate easily into your family's already existing routines. Below is a round-up of 7 products everyone who cares for a love one with disabilities should try. Putting all of these products together in a basket with a thoughtful handwritten note would also be an amazing gift for any caregiver in your life.

Try Some Yoga

Beginning the day with some movement always kickstarts things in the right direction. It's also a time to breathe and set an intention for the day. Even just 10 minutes per day is extremely beneficial for one's mental, physical, and emotional health—which are all vital for a caregiver role.

These Gaiam yoga mats are highly rated and under $30! If new to yoga, YouTube and Instagram have short videos for beginners. If the whole family wants to practice yoga, information on seated yoga/ modified positions for those with disabilities is also readily available online.

Keep that Coffee (or Tea) Hot

When busy caring for their family, caregivers don't have extra time to reheat their morning beverages all day long. The ritual of warm coffee or tea is comforting and familiar, and it sets the tone to prepare for a good day ahead. This Yeti tumbler cup, which comes in the most vibrant, beautiful colors, will save you that time. It is also super easy to take in the car or on the go. Once your warm drink is done, fill it with cold water and begin hydrating! It's the perfect product for someone with a busy lifestyle caring for family members.

Let's Get Organized

With everything a caregiver juggles day in and day out, there is a lot to keep track of and complications are bound to arise. For many with disabilities, their schedule is of upmost importance; scheduling doctors' appointments and therapy around feeding times can be overwhelming to keep track of. Having a place to house important contacts, dates, information, etc. is important. It will help to plan the upcoming week, as well as look a bit farther into the future and know what to expect and anticipate. This planner is available on Amazon and has daily to-do lists, a place to set goals for the year, and even has a 'grateful for' section.

Soak in the Bath

Who doesn't love taking a warm bath? This is the ultimate self-care ritual! Relaxing in the bath and taking time away to just BE is a great weekly tradition. Creating space to unplug and rest should never be something to feel guilty about. Just like you want the best for your loved ones, they want the best for you. These eucalyptus spearmint bath salts smell heavenly and will melt stress away. One could also use this time to do deep breathing exercises or meditate!

Use CBD Oil After the Bath

At the end of a long day, our bodies need to reset and relax. Caregiving is exhausting work that takes its toll, mentally and physically. CBD is proven to lower anxiety, decrease aches and pains, and improve sleep. Sunsoil has a great CBD coconut oil that can be applied topically or used in a variety of recipes. Adding this to a nighttime routine will yield a more relaxed and rested caregiver.

Allow People to Help

There are a number of ways people in your life would love to help your family. Meal Train offers a variety of products, which aim to organize multiple aspects of a family's daily life such as childcare, housework, rides, lawn care, and providing meals. A popular choice is setting up a Meal Train calendar which allows folks to sign up for a certain date to give your family a meal. By allowing people to help you via this great product, details will remain organized, via calendars and lists, and in turn your family will gain more quality time together.

Always Remember, Caregivers are Heroes

The book Caregivers: The Unsung Heroes of Our Day offers support and encouragement to families who have been affected by a disability. The story is uplifting, raw and powerful. If you aren't currently a caregiver, this book is still a wonderful read. It may further your understanding of the role family members have and grow your appreciation for other caregivers. If you are a caregiver, hopefully reading this story provides you with insight, fuels your spirit and grants you hope.

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