Camp Wamp Across America

By Ale Bruyere, Camp Wamp

Kids with disabilities from all over America visit Camp Wamp each summer…usually. But since we can't have camp this summer due to COVID, we have decided to come to you with Camp Wamp's Disability & Optimism Tour Across America!

Camp Wamp Hits the Road June 1st

Camp Wamp near Lake Tahoe in California was founded in 2002 by Steve Wampler, who has cerebral palsy and uses an electric wheelchair. Steven is also the star of Wampler's Ascent, a brilliant documentary which chronicles his Yosemite National Park El Capitan climb. Camp Wamp is a non-profit, and all our campers go to our camp at no cost to their families.

This summer, we are travelling all over America in a motorhome to celebrate disability and give some really special kids a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the following 18 cities.

San Diego, CA: June 1
Seattle, WA: June 5
Jackson Hole, WY: June 9
Dever, CO: June 12
Chicago, IL: June 16
Cincinnati, OH: June 19
Boston, MA: June 25
New York City, NY: June 26 & 28
Washington, DC: June 30
Orlando, FL: July 3
Atlanta, GA: July 7
Nashville: July 10
Baton Rouge: July 14
Dallas, TX: July 17
Oklahoma City: July 21
Phoenix, AZ: July 24
San Francisco: July 28
Camp Wamp: July 31

Camp Wamp Campers

Our trip will be a moving, changing work-in-progress as we get closer to hitting the road June 1st…it's just the nature of the adventure! We won't have all details solidly in place until June and, realistically, they will change a bit even then.

If you're a parent/caregiver, we want to celebrate your beautiful child and bring them a very special experience this summer right in your city. Note that the specifics are to be determined, but potential experiences might be a day with a pro football team, paragliding, a shopping spree, a helicopter tour over your city or something else amazing.

We've already had an amazing response from several Major League Baseball teams that want to be involved with the kids!

Spearheading this Camp Wamp cross-country trek will be our founder's son, Joe, and his four best friends. They have kind, big hearts, and are great fun. They have grown up going to Camp Wamp, and have a deep love and home-grown understanding of people with disabilities.

We will be documenting this great story along the way across social media! Follow our journey through: Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Come on this great adventure with us! If you have questions, please visit or, or email

Help Us Find Campers

Do you know a great kid with a disability between the ages of 8 and 18 that we can treat to their greatest day ever? Let us know at

Scene from Camp Wamp

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