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When you think of a manual wheelchair, you may think of the seating comfort, the maneuverability, the overall fit…maybe even how you will look on the go. When D's Locks looks at your chair, they focus on you and your chair sitting still and, most importantly, staying still when you need to.

Lock Lever switch on the D's Locks system

D's Locks have left the more traditional scissors-style brakes behind in favor of hub locks. Todd from Texas says, "Just had a set of D's Locks installed on my Quickie Ti Titanium wheelchair. I love them…no more reaching under the chair trying to lock scissor brakes which are no good if you roll up to a table to eat. With D's Locks, just flip the switch and the chair's locked."

Locking the wheels securely at the hub also makes your tire type and pressure immaterial. Much safer. Since the locking lever is out of the way, your thumbs aren't in danger of hitting the brakes when you push your chair. Also safer. One flip of the lock lever, the piston goes into the lock-ring hole and you can lock both hubs in place, making sure you are stationary during transfers or any other time you want to stay put. Safer still!

D's Locks: how it works!

According to one wheelchair user, "I am particularly aware of the added sense of security they give since I just changed cars and am still getting used to transferring to and fro my chair and the new vehicle."

And if that wasn't all, there is a literal laundry list of the chairs and wheels with which D'Locks is compatible. So, versatile and safe…definitely what you look for in a set of brakes!

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