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Convaid is exhibiting at Abilities Expo Los Angeles on February 28 - March 1.   Convaid Logo

Convaid is all about helping you go places. All the design details are mission-specific—these lightweight, compact folding wheelchairs and strollers are custom-built to open up your possibilities.

Already a world leader in creating exceptional mobility aids, Convaid is still going the extra mile. And now, you can help shape the future of these great products!

If you are a family member or caregiver of a child with mobility issues, please take minute to complete this brief survey. You will be helping Red Convaid StrollerConvaid take their superior products and make them even better!

The community of people with disabilities looks to Convaid for durable, stylish, high-quality, high-performance, portable and life-changing mobility devices for all ages, weights and heights. Just read what they have to say about their experiences:

One product, big impact
"Jayden's EZ Rider has brought great relief in our daily lives."

"Jenny's Cruiser has made such a difference for our little family. It is so easy to go places now, we even went to Disney World last month!"

"Thank you for giving us the ability to get out and go!"

High-quality and durable
"We have been using our Convaid chairs for 23 years…They are a Five Star company with Five Star products."

Convaid has the look!
"One word—AMAZING…I appreciate that it looks like a normal stroller and doesn't look out of place. Very stylish."

Convaid Stroller.  Image of girl in Convaid stroller.

Traveling light
"With Andrew's Cruiser, I feel free. I can finally go places without needing help lifting Andrew's old chair—it was so big and heavy."

Red Convaid Carrot Car Seat

"I have multiple sclerosis and as a result, my walking and balance are "challenged." My husband and I love to  travel, so using my Convaid EZ Rider convertible transport wheelchair has made a world of difference! I've been able to free myself to discover and experience things with the use of this chair. We have been able to negotiate the subway systems of London and Madrid, explore the cobblestone streets of Heileberg and Budapest, and enjoy long outings at museums and parks. The design is sturdy enough to tackle the harshest roadways, and yet light enough for my husband to fold up and carry up/down stairs as needed."

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