A Mother's Journey Affirms There is No Limit to a Mother's Love

What started off as an ordinary day in the life of Lisa Brodeur in November of 1997 took a turn for the devastating when a drunk driver claimed the life of her husband and paralyzed her 10-year-old son, Kyle.

Mother's Journey Book Cover

When that split second of impact inexorably changed the Brodeur family's life, it set in motion a roller coaster of events that pushed Lisa physically, psychologically and emotionally farther than she ever thought she could go. Her new memoir, A Mother's Journey: Through Faith, Hope and Courage, chronicles the heart-wrenching aftermath of the accident including Kyle's surgeries and fight for his life, her young daughter's trauma and her own determined efforts to hold the family together.

"I think my book will appeal to readers because it's a true story, a story about survival, having faith, hope and courage to not give up," Lisa writes. "It's an inspirational story, a love for your children to guide them in the right direction. A book to show you what happens when bad choices are made but also, how to try to overcome it."

The following except is a heartfelt stream of consciousness that will resonate with parents everywhere. In a few words, it conveys raw emotions, fears and joys that a mother has for her little boy.

A Mother's Journey: Chapter One

Feeling sick to my stomach, not knowing what is wrong, feeling nausea, know vomiting, thinking could it be? Filled with joy, hoping this is real, realizing soon that it is. The excitement and fear of what is ahead, little flutters getting stronger and stronger turning into kicks that wakes me up at night. How I loved to rub and hold my belly like never before, forming a love of no other kind.

Pain is starting, turning into long hard painful contractions, waiting to be told it's time to push, the burst of energy after 15 hours of labor, out comes a little face, a handsome little baby boy with little fingers and toes. Looking at mommy for the first time, crying, just wanting to be held close and feel the warmth of my body. Little cries, of hunger day and night, waiting to be fed, loving to be held and nurtured, knowing I am so loved by mommy and daddy. His little hands are growing, sucking his thumb, holding his bottle, clapping and sitting up, crawling getting into everything, before I know it, he's walking, starting to talk, saying juice at the refrigerator. Wondering where daddy is?

Getting older, hearing his footsteps running around, his cute little voice so soft and gentle, his little arms reaching around my neck and holding me tight giving me a kiss like no other. What a joy, the love of my life, how did I get so lucky. Waiting by the window sill, waiting for daddy to come, crying because he never came. Heading to pre-school, fear of separation from me, not knowing what to expect. Realizing soon mom will be back and fear has diminished, knowing he was having fun and making friends. 

Toddler years at an end, growing into a kind and soft hearted youth, playing T-Ball, soccer, basketball, cub scouts, anything he could get his hands on, forming great coordination, stunting with his bike and rollerblading. This child so full of life and adventure. Watching him full of excitement, coming home full of mud, catching a bull frog in the river across the way.

What a son I have, feeling blessed as he teaches his young sisters the love of nature and life. So innocent realizing life was also painful. Missing his father, not understanding why he won't be in his life, crying behind a dumpster, thinking what did I do so wrong? Knowing he was loved and loved by a man that was raising him as his own, feeling blessed to have him, but still confused.   

Youth now become adolescent years, still wondering why, but knowing he's loved by his mommy and a man he calls daddy, loving his dad like no other, a friend, playmate, teacher, but most of all the love they shared, so special a bond that could not be broken. Taking Kung-Fu, hockey along with his other sports, keeping us very busy, enjoying his sisters and family in between going to school. Growing into a fine young boy realizing Santa is not real and the fantasy was only a fantasy.

Turning the big 10 years old now, going into fifth grade, having Kyle walk to school with his friend, crying not wanting to leave me, afraid of separation at times. Coming home after school and realizing his new school was fun and his teacher was awesome. 

Enjoying a day of shopping with his sisters, daddy and I. Full of excitement to get home and show off his new rollerblades to meme. Getting in the van putting daddy's CD on, singing daddy's soft music, going around a corner, not realizing what happened, a crash, a big bang, Kyle getting weaker and weaker, his heart getting slower by the second, not knowing what is happening. How could this be? All he wanted was to try his rollerblades!

Now fighting for his life like never before.

A Mother's Journey: Through Faith, Hope and Courage is available electronically and in print.

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