Product Spotlight: Eco M

Small footprint, BIG impact.

Eco M Accessible car

The M is for Mobility, and EcoCentre's latest venture, the Eco M, is primed to revolutionize the accessible vehicle industry when it hits the market sometime in the second quarter of this year. EcoCentre was established in 2012 as the nation's first automobile dealership network dedicated to economical, environmentally friendly fleet and consumer vehicles.

Now, with the advent of the Eco M, their goal of providing high-quality, affordable electric vehicles to everyone really does mean everyone.

Wheelchair users can easily access this stylish, compact car through an adjustable rear ramp and no transfers are required. They roll in, lock down and drive off!

Eco M Accessible car Eco M Accessible car

Ramon Alvarez, president and CEO of EcoCentre and a 34-year veteran of the automotive biz, is ecstatic about the independence and freedom that this vehicle will provide to people with disabilities everywhere.

He had first-hand experience of the Eco M's effect on people at the Abilities Expo last year. "People would round the corner of our booth and stop in their tracks," he recalled. "If wheelchairs had ABS brakes, you would have heard them screech on the floor!"

"I was already excited about bringing this game-changing vehicle to market. But when I saw the looks on people's faces, it became personal for me," he continued. "I got a whole new perspective on what this car will truly mean to each wheelchair user that drives it. It actually brought tears to the eyes of a 17-year-old girl who rolled into it."

Eco M Accessible Car interior.

Perfect for driving on local streets at speeds up to 25 mph, the Eco M means no more waiting for hours for accessible public transportation pick-ups. When people with disabilities need to get to the store, doctor, workplace, mall, or just feel like a leisurely drive, they won't need to rely on assistance to make that happen.

Alvarez is especially looking forward to working with wounded veterans to help them understand what this car can do for them.

For more information on the Eco M, visit If you are a dealer interested in joining EcoCentre's mobility dealership network for this vehicle, contact Ramon Alvarez at

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