Product Spotlight: Tobii EyeMobile & I-Series

Tobii ATI, a leader in AAC and assistive technology devices and solutions, has kicked it up a notch. We've watched eagerly in recent years as they applied their eye-gaze technology to laptops and video games. But, now—virtual drum roll, please—we see the debut of the Tobii EyeMobile, uber-cool tech that gives you eye-only control of your Windows 8 tablet.

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The EyeMobile puts individuals with physical and communication impairments at the forefront of consumer technology. Now, navigating and controlling nearly any modern, off-the-shelf Windows 8 tablet can be done with the simple, natural and relaxed movement of the eyes.

"It's extremely rewarding to provide assistive technology to those who need it the most—allowing these individuals to communicate, surf the web and connect with friends and family, both online and in person," said Tobii ATI President Tara Rudnichi. "Our users have literally done it all with their eye tracking devices, from writing and publishing books, to participating in school plays, attending college and even creating and selling their own art." 

Compact and lightweight to meet the demands of those on the go, the Tobii EyeMobile allows for completely hands-free access to Windows 8 apps, Internet, movies, music, e-books, social media and games on a tablet device. Your eyes take the place of a mouse or your finger and, by fixing your gaze for a fraction of a second, you are able to directly access all the functions and standard apps.

It gives users with spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, arthritis and Rett Syndrome the opportunity to live a richer, more connected and independent life. 

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The Tobii I-Series is the most advanced purpose-built speech-generating device for those with communications challenges. The I-Series harnesses the speed, power and accuracy of Gaze Interaction to allow people with disabilities to communicate effectively through voice output, environmental control, computer access, long distance communication and more.

The I-series was not designed as an AAC device for people who are just nonverbal. Since it is equipped with eye-tracking technology, it is also ideal for people with physical disabilities as well. The power of this tool to open doors is especially evident in the words of Tobii user Ryan Carter, who was thrilled the possibility of increased independence.

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"Tobii has given me a tool that has changed my life," he said. "It has given me freedom to say whatever I want to say when I want to say it. I can now make phone calls and text, get on the Internet and look-up what I want to. I can control my TV with it – and that's a big deal for me! I can communicate quickly and effortlessly now."

The infrared cameras mounted on the screen pick up the activity of the cornea so that when the user stares at a phrase or symbol, that phrase or symbol is activated. From there, they can create sentences and express ideas that allow them to express themselves and effectively engage with the people around them. With these devices, people who were isolated by their communication disabilities can now thrive as individuals, creating social connections and actually building relationships.

The Tobii I-Series not only provides daily communication for those who need it most, but also empowers them with greater independence, a sense of inclusion and greater emotional health. 

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