HandiStrong.com Premiers Online in May 2014

By Wallis Mills, HandiStrong

Where can you find powerful stories about people who have redefined what it means to be a person with a disability, a senior, caregiver or service provider? How can you find resources and initiate conversations and connections? Where can you find a platform to share your story?

The answer is HandiStrong.com!

Handistrong Logo

May marks the debut of a new digital property, HandiStrong.com. It's first issue is based on the theme of strength and endurance. While the site is carefully crafted for people with disabilities, seniors and caregivers, the content is designed to be universal in its appeal. The initial feedback we have received from people with disabilities, the abled bodied, the young and the old alike is that HandiStrong is both informative and inspiring.

Paralympian Bronze Medalist, and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Amy Purdy is highlighted on our debut cover. Our initial release also features stories on Tao Porchon-Lynch, the world's oldest yoga teacher, Ernestine Shepherd, one of the world's oldest female body builders and Fauja Singh who retired his marathon shoes at the age of 101. While they are all record-setters, it is their whole experience and their many triumphs along the way which make their story worth telling. They are not just people with disabilities, or seniors or caregivers, they are just remarkable individuals accomplishing things anyone would consider awesome.

JACO Robotic Arm in action.

We have so many fantastic stories lined up for release and we are working diligently to honor these important accounts with the quality of production to match the best in print and digital publications. This month we are giving away a copy of Twice as Strong, by the Norden Brothers who both had a leg amputated due to the Boston Marathon bombings. We also have an exciting giveaway coming up from Christine Ha, The Blind Cook, winner of MasterChef and author of Recipes from My Home Kitchen.

The HandiStrong platform will continually provide opportunities and tools to spark dialogue with our audience and help them make meaningful connections with one another. There are so many ways to participate with HandiStrong. You can tell your story. You can become a member, receive exclusive invites and network with our community. You can partner with us to create tailored programs and events online and offline or advertise your products and services at great introductory rates and so much more. We look forward to your feedback, ideas on what you would like to see featured or included and, most of all, to having you with us as we continue to reshape reality together.

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