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VMI LogoCircumstances may affect your ability to easily access the world, but not your desire. VMI gets it and, as one of the largest manufacturers of wheelchair van conversions, they are constantly striving to get the community of people with disabilities out on the open road.

Whether it's the Toyota Sienna, the Honda Odyssey, the Chrysler Town & Country or the Dodge Grand Caravan, VMI wheelchair vans can accommodate almost any wheelchair user.

VMI Silver Accessible Van

"I got my first van and it truly made a lot of problems disappear in my life," said wheelchair user Jeff Derwallis. "The quality of the VMI van is amazing. It really feels like came out of the factory. The freedom of just being able to get in the driver's seat and go somewhere is enormous. It's just fantastic."

VMI works hand-in-hand with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and has developed a state-of-the-art mobility van conversion facility featuring the latest in assembly-line technology and CAD software. Each van is retro-fitted with accessibility features without compromising the integrity of the original chassis, drive train, brakes or suspension systems. The extensive process of removing and modifying the interior components and undercarriage culminates in a comprehensive 200-point inspection and extensive road test.

Back in the 1980s, VMI came into being to address a pressing need. A close friend of the original founders wanted a better mousetrap…something more convenient than a traditional mobility lift. Their solution of dropping the floor and installing a wheelchair ramp system into an Oldsmobile Toronado was so successful that they applied they applied it to other vehicles and revolutionized transportation.

Today, VMI is still in tune with what their customers are looking for: a wheelchair vehicle that is easy-use, reliable and supported by a vast network of caring individuals in their local area.

"The VMI Advantage affected my life in a number of ways. My little small world became much larger," said Sean Kelly. "It really added to my independence."

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