Mobility Lifter Takes the Climb Out of the Stairs

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Picture this. Your stubbornly independent grandma has finally agreed to come and live with you! You are thrilled. The only problem is that the bedrooms are all on the second floor of your home and, ever since Grandma broke her hip, it's been a bit tougher for her to get around. Now the last thing that you want is to relegate Grandma to her bedroom when most of the family interaction happens downstairs. And a home remodel is just not in the cards. What do you do?

Mobility Lifter in Action

If only there were a line of unique portable stair-climbers that could help get Grandma up and down the stairs. But wait, thanks to Mobility Lifter's Jeanine Carroccio, there is—the LIFTKAR PT.

Carroccio understands exactly where you are coming from because she has been there. When her mom came to live with her, stairs were an issue. Her exhaustive research revealed that the perfect product to help her—the LIFTKAR PT—was out there, but it was in Austria and not available in the US.

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It had everything she and her mom needed. It was attendant-operated, battery-powered and portable. It could work well on any indoor or outdoor staircase—be it curved, angled, straight, covered in carpet or made of wood, concrete or stone. It could easily disassemble for transport in the trunk of her car. And there were different models—some that lock into a manual wheelchair and some that have an integrated seat.

Undaunted, Jeanine set out to make the LIFTKAR PT geographically desirable, too! She established Mobility Lifter to distribute the product stateside, obtained the necessary FDA approvals, traversed a fair amount of red tape and…voila!...she brought this game-changing device home to the US!

Mobility Lifter being used on stone steps.

"After two years of being house bound in a wheelchair, we can finally get my 85-year-old dad with Parkinson's out and about," said Ricki C. "The stairs to his apartment make it next to impossible to get out and there was no way to build a ramp. We were forced to carry him in the wheelchair, and it took two of us. Now one person can do the job and the LIFTKAT makes it possible for family and caretakers to take him on outings….Thank you, Jeanine, for bringing them to America."

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