Best and Worst Places to Live for People with Disabilities

Congrats to the Heartland of America! According to an analysis by consumer finance website WalletHub, Overland Park, Kansas tops the chart as the best place to live for the disability community.

The cities of Scottsdale and Peoria, Arizona and Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida rounded out the Top Five. But how does your hometown stack up? Comment below if you agree or disagree!

Source: WalletHub

Multiple Factors in Play to Determine Disability Friendliness

For the final ruling on most favored status, the study crunched the numbers from the nation’s 150 most populated cities across three primary dimensions that impact the disability community: economic environment, quality of life and healthcare.

Best City for Disabilities

Within these areas, 21 key metrics were identified as make-or-break for individuals with disabilities in pursuit of their own American Dream. Statistics like employment rate and median income for the community were major considerations in assessing the openness of the job market.

Other important factors include the number of physicians, the price tag on a doctor’s visit, availability of special education teachers, cost of living, housing affordability and the weather.

Here is the full list of 150 cities.

1   Overland Park, KS
2   Scottsdale, AZ
3   Peoria, AZ
4   Tampa, FL
5   St. Petersburg, FL
6   Huntington Beach, CA
7   Oklahoma City, OK
8   Gilbert, AZ
9   Honolulu, HI
10   Santa Clarita, CA
11   Modesto, CA
12   Amarillo, TX
13   San Jose, CA
14   Chandler, AZ
T-15   Lincoln, NE
T-15   Rancho Cucamonga, CA
17   Grand Prairie, TX
18   Colorado Springs, CO
19   Corpus Christi, TX
20   Chesapeake, VA
21   Fremont, CA
22   Laredo, TX
23   Aurora, IL
24   Tulsa, OK
25   Virginia Beach, VA
26   Denver, CO
27   Baltimore, MD
28   Boise, ID
29   Arlington, TX
30   Albuquerque, NM
31   Mobile, AL
32   Lubbock, TX
33   Louisville, KY
34   El Paso, TX
35   Little Rock, AR
36   Columbus, OH
37   San Francisco, CA
38   Bakersfield, CA
T-39   Kansas City, MO
T-39   Mesa, AZ
41   Wichita, KS
42   Aurora, CO
43   Lexington, KY
44   Jacksonville, FL
45   Toledo, OH
46   Plano, TX
47   Henderson, NV
48   Des Moines, IA
49   Austin, TX
50   Glendale, AZ
51   Garland, TX
52   Oceanside, CA
53   Greensboro, NC
54   Columbus, GA
55   Fort Worth, TX
56   Omaha, NE
57   Washington, DC
58   Long Beach, CA
59   Baton Rouge, LA
60   Nashville, TN
61   Port St. Lucie, FL
62   Salt Lake City, UT
63   Durham, NC
64   Shreveport, LA
65   Phoenix, AZ
66   Pembroke Pines, FL
67   Minneapolis, MN
68   Tacoma, WA
69   New Orleans, LA
70   Irvine, CA
71   Springfield, MO
72   Tucson, AZ
73   Sioux Falls, SD
74   Newport News, VA
75   St. Paul, MN
76   Raleigh, NC
77   Fayetteville, NC
78   Tempe, AZ
79   Brownsville, TX
80   Philadelphia, PA
81   Montgomery, AL
82   San Diego, CA
83   Seattle, WA
84   Garden Grove, CA
85   Irving, TX
86   Vancouver, WA
87   Oxnard, CA
88   Ft. Lauderdale, FL
89   Atlanta, GA
90   Glendale, CA
91   Tallahassee, FL
92   San Antonio, TX
93   Huntsville, AL
94   North Las Vegas, NV
95   Los Angeles, CA
96   Santa Ana, CA
97   St. Louis, MO
98   Buffalo, NY
99   Anaheim, CA
100   Augusta, GA
T-101   Las Vegas, NV
T-101   Sacramento, CA
103   Houston, TX
104   Akron, OH
105   Cincinnati, OH
T-106   Spokane, WA
T-106   Chattanooga, TN
108   Yonkers, NY
109   Riverside, CA
110   Orlando, FL
111   Fort Wayne, IN
112   Cape Coral, FL
113   Memphis, TN
114   Oakland, CA
115   Charlotte, NC
116   Miami, FL
117   Indianapolis, IN
118   Chicago, IL
119   Pittsburgh, PA
120   Chula Vista, CA
121   Madison, WI
122   Santa Rosa, CA
123   Norfolk, VA
124   Fresno, CA
125   Dallas, TX
126   Reno, NV
127   Portland, OR
128   Richmond, VA
129   Ontario, CA
130   New York, NY
131   Fontana, CA
132   Jackson, MS
133   Anchorage, AK
134   Cleveland, OH
135   Boston, MA
136   Grand Rapids, MI
137   Milwaukee, WI
138   Hialeah, FL
139   Knoxville, TN
140   Detroit, MI
141   Rochester, NY
142   Birmingham, AL
143   Newark, NJ
144   Winston-Salem, NC
145   Stockton, CA
146   Worcester, MA
147   Moreno Valley, CA
148   San Bernardino, CA
149   Jersey City, NJ
150   Providence, RI


For the full results of this study and methodology, read on.

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