Bella's Bumbas Gives the Gift of Mobility to Kids Across the Globe

Though the Webster, NY-based non-profit has only been in existence for five years, Bella's Bumbas LTD. has made its presence known worldwide as they assist children facing mobility challenges. Its grass roots mission all began after Isabella (Bella) was born into the family with a diagnosis of Spina Bifida in 2015.

Rebecca and Marty Parzynski, Bella's Great Aunt and Uncle witnessed firsthand the need for a mobility assistance when they spent a week with Bella in 2016. Marty and Rebecca, both set out to find a device that Marty could build to help little Bella get around more easily and interact with her siblings, friends and family.

Bella's Bumbas Gives the Gift of Mobility to Kids Across the Globe

When the Ideal Mobility Device Did Not Exist, They Made One

Rebecca was able to locate plans for a small wheelchair that utilized a Bumbo seat and a set of bike tires, Marty immediately set out to build this new "wheelchair". After building it and seeing Bella use it with ease Marty began to tinker with the design and make it more his own. It was around this same time that Rebecca felt that others could benefit from the chairs, and she began working with Marty and Jeffrey Shorr (Bella's Dad) to solicit other families in need and officially become a not-for-profit.

It was at this point in May 2017 that Bella's Bumbas LTD officially became a recognized non-profit, the name being a hat tip to the original Bumbo seat used and Bella, the little girl who inspired us all. Fast forward to 2022 and our humble intentions of sending out a few chairs per year has blossomed into hundreds of chairs being shipped worldwide each year.

Bella's Bumbas Gives the Gift of Mobility to Kids Across the Globe

Bella's Bumbas Changes Lives with Kid-Sized Wheelchairs..At No Charge

We have been blessed with the opportunity to provide mobility to any child in the world who requests one from us and we never charge for the chair itself. Being that equipment is usually cost prohibitive for families, these chairs become a godsend for not only the recipient child but the family as well. By getting children to become mobile at such a young age, they develop a sense of independence and normalcy that often is lacking in a child faced with disabilities.

Bella's Bumbas Gives the Gift of Mobility to Kids Across the Globe

Bella's Bumbas cntinues to receive hundreds of requests for chairs each year and the demand shows no sign of decline. As a 100% donation driven non-profit, we rely solely upon donors and grantors for funding which unfortunately has slowed during the past few years as a result of Covid. Bella's Bumbas has been lucky that we were able to continue our "Mission of Mobility" even while impacted by Covid.

Through all the hard work of our amazing team at Bella's Bumbas, we have successfully provided over 2,000 children with a chair in more than 59 countries worldwide. We've developed amazing partnerships with orphanages worldwide allowing us to help children who might otherwise be forgotten.

Bellas offers a variety of chair styles named after their original recipient child; these different styles allow Bellas Bumbas to "custom" fit a chair to the child's needs. Chairs range from styles with high backs and shoulder belts to a one hand drive designed for children with limited use of their arms.

If you know of a child or family that could benefit from a Bella's Bumba, please contact us at, through our website or through Facebook. If you are interested in donating to help continue the mission, please visit Bella's Bumbas GoFundMe. You can also meet us in person in booth #426 at Abilities Expo Toronto, May 13-14 at The International Centre.

Bella's Bumbas Gives the Gift of Mobility to Kids Across the Globe

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