Houston, Spin Your Wheels with the Ayita Dance Team and the Rollettes!

By Lisa Wells, Naturally Able

Welcome to a place where you're free to spin your wheels as we introduce you to not one but two groups of uplifting, encouraging, and empowering women's dance teams at the Houston Abilities Expo: the Ayita Dance Team and the Rollettes!

Tiny Dancers Go Bigger in Texas

Our first team of fantastic performers hails from Fort Worth, and not a single one of them knows how to make the drive to Houston yet. That's because the Ayita wheelchair dance troupe features ten young ladies who have already learned how to wow your socks off with cheerful, choreographed routines that are fun for the whole family, even if their learner's permits are a few years away.

Ayita Dancers with Rollettes

Ayita dance members hit the red carpet with Rollettes performer Steph Aiello.


Leading with stellar choreography arranged by team mom Sami Gibson, whose daughter Mayli was born with spina bifida, team Ayita can't wait to meet you and your children when they perform Saturday morning (August 7) in the Expo Events Area. Be sure to stay until the end where they'll invite you to join the fun on the dance floor too!

The Ayita team is particularly excited to show you some new moves they picked up at the 2021 Rollettes Experience, an annual women's empowerment conference recently held in Los Angeles.

Leading Boundless Babes Across the World

Thanks to generous donations from program supporters like Coloplast, the Rollettes wheelchair dance team has encouraged thousands of younger performers to grow through the beauty of creative expression over the last decade. That's why we're thrilled to let you know the Rollettes will be our second dance troupe in Houston, with seasoned team members Conner and Sam performing all three days in the Events Area too.

The Rollettes dance team performs unique and captivating routines across the globe and shares their stories of overcoming adversity to fulfill their dreams to dance.

Fall Accessible Fashion

When their high-impact performance concludes, the Rollettes will also warmly invite you to get to know them while enjoying the Expo's adaptive climbing wall in Coloplast's booth #441.

A Legacy of Support Begins with the Coloplast Community of Care

While the young ladies of the Ayita dance squad are always excited to visit with and learn from the older ladies who guide them in the Rollettes, both groups realize that without organizations supporting their journey, the stages they love to grace would be much harder to reach.

"Our lives don't stop just because we're in a chair," Rollettes founder Chelsie Hill says. "Like so many others with disabilities, we have a lot of things to do every day. We need products to help keep us safe, healthy, and keep us moving! We love using Coloplast products, and are so thankful to have a company in our community who believes in our team's mission." ꭞ

Below, Rollettes founder Chelsie Hill shares more on how she feels supporters like Coloplast help her team, the young women they serve and the disability community overall:

If you'd like to learn more and try a sample of SpeediCath® Compact Female,* complete this request form. For more information, visit with the Rollettes and the Coloplast team in Booth 414 at the Houston Abilities Expo on August 6-8 at the NRG Convention Center. Register for your complimentary Expo pass here!

About Coloplast:

For over 60 years, Coloplast has worked to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. Our listen and respond approach to innovation enables us to produce products, support and education to help those that use our products around the world live a full life. Our business includes ostomy care, interventional urology, continence care, wound & skin care.

Additional Information:
ꭞColoplast is a Diamond Sponsor of the Rollettes Experience. The information discussed is Cheslie's experience and may not be representative of all outcomes. Each person's situation is unique and risks, outcomes, experiences and results may vary. Please see complete product instructions for use, including all product indications, precautions, warnings and adverse events.

*A valid prescription is required to receive free samples. Limitations apply.

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