Autism Parenting Summit is Open for Free Registration

By Dian Pascua, Autism Parenting Magazine

Hosted by the leading international autism publication, Autism Parenting Magazine, the inaugural event will be an exciting virtual experience where you can learn how to help your child thrive.

Autism Parenting Summit on April 20th and 21st aims to help autism caregivers develop their parenting skills and discover new techniques and approaches that could benefit their children. Register today and hear from world-spectrum journeys.

Get Real Advice from the Autism Community

Our speaker line-up includes doctors and therapists, as well as people on the spectrum and autism parents. This expert panel will discuss everything from behaviour, communication and sensory issues, to health, bullying, and transitioning to adulthood.

Don't miss this special event which will help attendees know they're not alone in the autism challenges they face. 

If you're parenting a child or young person on the autism spectrum…

If you'd like to learn new strategies from expert speakers, including Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Debra Moore, and Dr. Annette Nunez…

If you'd like to find ways to give your child the best start in life…

…then the Autism Parenting Summit is for you!

Autism Parenting Summit

Autism Summit Speakers

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