Apple West Home Medical Supply: The Catheter Experts

In April 2009, a new kind of specialized medical supply company—one with a personal touch—came on the scene: Apple West Home Medical Supply.

Now a leading provider of diabetes and urology supplies, as well experts in urological catheters, Apple West is all about the customer experience. Setting the standards in compassionate and quality care, the company has made it its mission to improve the daily routine of their clients' bladder and bowel programs, providing them with the tools to make their lives as normal and comfortable as possible.

Apple West offers a full line of urological/catheter supplies for people with spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis and others in long-term need of urology supplies. In addition, they provide ostomy, wound care, incontinence and other soft goods like gloves, lubricant, suppositories and more to fully support their clients.

"Apple West provides the best customer service and we can prove it," said Apple West CEO Tom Shankle. "We will connect you with a current customer so you can learn what we can do for you. Give us a call and get connected!"

Apple West

And just because they specialize in all things urological doesn't mean they can't assist in meeting their customer's other needs. Apple West has access to a full line of home medical products and supplies and, if the item you require is not in stock at their warehouse, they can still ensure you receive it the next day from their distributors.

While Apple West prides itself on expediting the delivery of their high quality products anywhere in the country, it is that extra attention that sets them apart. They personally reach out to each of their customers every month to insure they are receiving the products they need as well as the top-of-the-line service. The people with disabilities employed by the company are uniquely qualified to provide support and guidance on these issues as they, too, rely on Apple West's products and services.

Apple West

Active in the community leading support groups and hosting events, Apple West reps strive to take a personal interest in the people they serve. They don't just supply the equipment… they care enough to build meaningful relationships with the people using them.

Apple West Home Medical Supply is accredited through The Joint Commission and is a national Medicare provider, private insurance provider as well as a state-wide California Medi-Cal provider. For more Apple West Home Medical Supply, click here.


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