Auti Angel: Heaven's Newest Angel

By Lew Shomer

Our Cherub Angel has now transitioned to become our Guardian Angel, as we observe the passing of our dear friend, Auti Angel.

We cannot use words to describe our grief but can only relay the impact that Auti has had on the lives of so many. So many, that only experiences can dutifully express her time with us.

Auti Angel fashion shot

Auti's spirit will live on and will have a special place in our hearts not because of what she said or did but because of who she was.

She transformed people's lives with a simple wink, or her ever loving smile; she never let the negative invade her very special positive attitude, even when her life was not proceeding along the path she wanted.

Auti Angel with pink hair

Auti was the Pied Piper, the Peter Pan of the Abilities Expos and that is when we first fell in love with this ethereal being whose legs danced through a spherical energy that could only be witnessed by experiencing her magic.

She will certainly be missed, but her presence will be felt by those who loved her whenever and wherever they are.

Of the many stories to tell, the one that most represented who Auti is, was at a show in Toronto. After just flying over 6 hours through multiple time zones, Auti met our friend Ian who runs the Canada Abilities.

Auti Angel with wings

He wanted to spend time with us but needed to see his dear friend who was just recuperating as a paraplegic after an auto accident. It was about an hour's drive both ways and Ian said his friend was depressed. Auti said, "maybe I can help him get through this, can I go with you"?

That was Auti Angel, who I know will forever be looking after our lives and making sure the negatives are never allowed to creep into our lives.

Her spirit lives on, in our hearts, our souls and our thoughts.

Spread your wings little Angel and continue to shine your light upon us all.

Lew, Clare, David and the Abilities team







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