AllTrails App Expands Accessibility Info for Hiking Trails

By Meaghan Praznik, AllTrails

As the days get longer and the temperatures start rising, the outdoor recreation platform, AllTrails, is thrilled to share new mobility disability accessibility information for more than five thousand hiking trails in the United States. Home to the largest collection of online trail maps, trail-goers can now use AllTrails to find detailed information on wheelchair-friendly tagged trails and gain access to official state and national park accessibility information.

AllTrails App Expands Accessibility Info for Hiking Trails

Hot on the Trail of Accessibility

"I know I am not alone in having found both mental and physical healing in the outdoors," said Shay Muhonen, AllTrails Accessibility Lead, and a passionate wheelchair hiker. "AllTrails was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a right to access the outdoors, and our team is working to fulfill this promise for people of all abilities and backgrounds," she added.

In the US, AllTrails' trails, facilities and parks have been evaluated based on ABA (Architectural Barriers Act - Outdoor Spaces) guidelines, helping users explore based on, but not limited to:

  • Surface types and whether they are compacted or slippery
  • Width
  • Running grade category
  • Cross slope
  • Known obstacles over two inches
  • Designated accessible parking and bathrooms

AllTrails' Muhonen notes that while trails have been updated to highlight mobility disability accessibility information, trails that are not fully ABA compliant may still be identified as "wheelchair friendly." In this instance, trail-goers are encouraged to review trail descriptions and waypoints (see an example below), which offer additional information on the most accessible portions of the trail and if all-terrain equipment may be needed.

AllTrails App Expands Accessibility Info for Hiking Trails

While users can access trails, parks and accessibility information for free via the AllTrails app and website, for $30 a year, Muhonen recommends investing in a subscription to AllTrails Pro, particularly for its added safety features.

With over 200 thousand trails worldwide, AllTrails is also committed to adding mobility disability information for international trails—a key focus as the brand looks to identify more ways to help people get outside and reap the mental and physical health benefits of spending time in nature. 

For additional details on upcoming projects, such as researching opportunities for those with other disabilities (including visual, hearing, cognitive, developmental, tactile, sensory, mental health, low oxygen, seizures, etc.) please visit AllTrails' US and Canada Disability Accessible Trails and Parks Guide.

For other opportunities, such as partnerships, access to customized and embeddable trail maps, or to suggest an edit or a new trail, please feel free to contact

Help AllTrails Expand their Accessibility Data

AllTrails App Expands Accessibility Info for Hiking Trails

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