Abram's Nation: Enterprising Mom Launches Practical Products Inspired by Autistic Son

Founded by Rose Morris, a mom driven by her relentless pursuit to keep her autistic son, Abram, safe at night, The Safety Sleeper was designed, and Abram's Nation was born. Not wanting to stop at just solving her own need, she expanded to help others.

The mission for Abram's Nation is to create products that solve problems and improve the lives of special needs families around the world. Since 2009 they've grown into the premier manufacturer of durable, medical grade equipment including: Fidget Folder, Fidget Mat, Wheely Cape and more.

Safety Sleeper by Abram's Nation

Unique Products Create Solutions for Kids with Autism, Sensory Disabilities and More

Out of necessity comes invention. That was true for The Safety Sleeper, and it was also true for the Wheely Cape. After her mom—who was in a chair from a bout with cancer—came to stay with Rose, she learned firsthand about the multiple trials facing wheelchair users. One said hurdle was getting her mom into a winter coat. Susan was from New Mexico while Rose lives in Pittsburgh, so the climate difference was intense. Her long coat was getting dirty and constantly in the way of the wheels, not to mention it was hard to get her up and into the winter wear.

Thus came the Wheely Cape. It has been such a huge blessing for so many who utilize a chair or medical stroller. The Wheely Cape is a 3 in 1 design, with a removeable hood and both a kangaroo pocket and zippered secure pocket. It is made of polortec fleece on the inside and a waterproof light weight fabric.

Abram's Nation Wheely Cape

Just because your cape looks like it does the trick, doesn't mean it will completely protect you in rain or snow. Abram's Nation addressed these critical factors to bring you style, comfort and protection.

The full-time job of Abram's therapy during the preschool years, was the foundation for the Fidget Folder and Fidget Mat. Kids need to play and fidget; it's a huge component of learning. These products bring back simple play and sneak in the learning. Both can be washed and sanitized and are portable as well, so they can go to a therapist's office or a night out at dinner.

Fidget Mat by Abrams Nation

Abram's Nation's COVID Pivot Proves Critical for Deaf and HOH Communities

Abram Nation's foundations are quality, community and well-being, which is why they shifted gears into making masks once we realized the well-being of the disability community depends on having this layer of protection. Our Clear Panel Face Mask with Adjustable Straps benefits the deaf, hard of hearing and special needs communities by increasing awareness of the limitations of traditional masks.

Abram's Nation Mask

This product is perfect for special needs teachers, therapists, translators, and anyone interested in creating an accessible inclusive environment.

If you would like to test out these unique products in person, you'll find them at the 2021 New York Metro and Dallas Abilities Expos! In the meantime, you can reach out to the helpful Abram's Nation team at www.AbramsNation.com.


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