• Auti Angel
    The Journey of a Hip Hop Diva
    We say goodbye to Auti Angel and remember her profound impact on the community.
  • Car Guide
    A Disabled Driver's Guide to Car Buying
    When the open road beckons, and you find yourself in the market for an
    accessible vehicle, there are multiple routes you can take.
  • Baby eating healthy baby food
    High Levels of Heavy Metals Found in Popular Baby Foods Linked to Autism
    A congressional report revealed that some of the most trusted names in
    baby food had products contaminated with heavy metals far beyond limits recognized as safe.

Connect to Your Abilities Community

Whether you are new to this dynamic and passionate Community or have been a card-carrying member since birth, Abilities is here to help you engage on multiple levels. We have taken what is special about the live Abilities Expos and amplified it online to more effectively reach the 1 in 5 Americans living with a disability as well as the devoted caregivers, industry and health professionals that support them.

Enjoy compelling articles in the following categories. Use-now tips, entertaining opinion pieces and in-depth stories are there to promote your increased independence and better quality of life.

Adaptive Sports

It’s not just a great way to promote health and wellness, it’s crazy fun. Check out skiing, rowing and more!

Assistive Tech

Bridge the gap between ability and disability with cutting-edge devices and inventive, low-tech gadgets.

Community Heroes

Meet ordinary people whose circumstances empowered them to push harder and achieve greater.

Parents & Caregivers

You would do anything for the loved one in your care. Find tips and resources to help you take control.

Inclusive Recreation

All work and no play? Not for this community of dancers, artist, travelers, outdoorsy types and more!

Disability Products

Science, technology and overall ingenuity have revolutionized the disability products industries. Read on!

Latest News and Stories

How Can Pets Help Autistic Children?

September 29, 2022

Once again, the research illustrates what we knew all along. Pet therapy is real and effective for autistic kids, who experience a drop in anxiety and social stress with the help of a furry friend.

The Best Rental Car Companies for Wheelchair Users

September 29, 2022

Whether there is a road trip on the horizon or out-of-town transportation is required, wheelers need reliable car rental options that can accommodate their chairs.

CORE: Changing Minds About Functional Recovery and Long-Term Health

September 28, 2022

CORE is not your average gym. Their work in Activity Based Training to promote neuro-rehabilitation goes far beyond traditional physical therapy. And the results speak for themselves.

Reeve Summit 2022 Keynote Leon Ford Finds Grace by Acknowledging Pain

September 25, 2022

Leon Ford's life changed the day the police mistook him for a criminal. Now he shares his story at Reeve Summit 2022 to encourage others to work through trauma and move on.

Travel is Now More Accessible with the Winnebago Roam

September 8, 2022

Tune in for the adventures of one wheelchair user and her family as they not only road trip to the Grand Canyon, but also to favorite local spots in the Winnebago Roam.

Donated Adaptive Bike to Give Gift of Hope and Play to Child with Leigh's Syndrome

August 31, 2022

Christmas comes early for little Emberly, who will receive a customized adaptive bike from Help Hope Live at Abilities Expo Phoenix this weekend.

How CBD Remedies Can Help Your Condition

August 17, 2022

CBD products have become a go-to source to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, battle insomnia and more. Find out why it words, where to get it and how it can be more affordable.

Labrador Retriever Helps People Live More Independently

August 10, 2022

Assistive robots can make a massive difference in the lives of the disability community and those with age-related mobility issues. With the Labrador Retriever, a better quality of life is within reach.

Leverage Adaptive Fitness to Stay DRIVEN with Steph The Hammer

August 3, 2022

Adaptive fitness guru Steph "The Hammer" Roach is bringing her virtual fitness experience into the real world AND hosting a book signing for her new memoir, DRIVEN, at Abilities Expo

Paralympian Kari Miller-Ortiz Leaves No One on the Sidelines

July 27, 2022

This 3X Paralympian and gold medalist brings her sitting volleyball acumen to the disability community through multiple adaptive sports programs, including coaching at Abilities Expo Houston.

Hollister Sponsors Auti Angel Events Arena for Community Presenters and Performers

August 24, 2022

Ability360 and Hollister will launch the pre-Expo festivities with an important peer-mentoring event featuring disability activist and artist Gina Schuh.

Below Knee Amputees Get Huge Mobility Boost with Knee KRUTCH

July 20, 2022

This innovative, lightweight, sleek alternative to standard crutches and wheelchairs is poised to transform mobility, safety and confidence for below knee amputees.

Hollister Sponsors Auti Angel Events Arena for Community Presenters and Performers

July 13, 2022

Hollister Incorporated's new endeavors in support of the disability community include sponsoring the Abilities Expo events arena, hosting an SCI support group event at TIRR Memorial and more.

Researchers Need Your Help with Adaptive Clothing Survey

July 6, 2022

Join this study to explore the connection between clothing and well-being in an effort to improve future adaptations. Participants can win a $100 gift card.

Design Your Gardenscape to Maximize Access

June 29, 2022

Gardening is a wonderfully therapeutic activity, but people with disabilities can only reap the benefits if they have access. Here's how to make that happen…

How to Support Neurodiversity in the Classroom

June 22, 2022

As classrooms become increasingly more neurodiverse, educators must re-evaluate traditional teaching methods to ensure that more kids thrive.

Tips to Take Care of a Parent with Dementia or Alzheimer's

June 15, 2022

When the person who raised you is facing dementia, take this advice to help you smoothly transition into the role of caregiver.

First Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced Roam Camper Van Hits the Open Road

June 8, 2022

Winnebago has launched the all-new accessible Roam and the first one has left the lot! The Roam enables travel with freedom and comfort whether on a road trip or an in-town excursion.

Reeve Foundation Leads the Pack in Resources and Support for People with Paralysis

June 1, 2022

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation has all bases covered for the SCI/D community. Whether you are newly injured or have been living with paralysis, they bring their considerable knowledge and support to bear to improve your quality of life.

Remarkable Helps to Bring Innovative Disability Products to Market

May 25, 2022

Do you have an idea that will make a difference? Selected start-ups can join Remarkable's program to receive expert support, access to end users and up to $75,000 to get their game-changing inventions on the market.

Finding Purpose in a Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Diagnosis

May 18, 2022

When her son's inexplicable weight gain set off maternal alarm bells, Molly embarked on a journey to discover what was really going on. She hopes her story will raise awareness and abate judgement.

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