• Auti Angel
    The Journey of a Hip Hop Diva
    We say goodbye to Auti Angel and remember her profound impact on the community.
  • Car Guide
    A Disabled Driver's Guide to Car Buying
    When the open road beckons, and you find yourself in the market for an
    accessible vehicle, there are multiple routes you can take.
  • Baby eating healthy baby food
    High Levels of Heavy Metals Found in Popular Baby Foods Linked to Autism
    A congressional report revealed that some of the most trusted names in
    baby food had products contaminated with heavy metals far beyond limits recognized as safe.

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Whether you are new to this dynamic and passionate Community or have been a card-carrying member since birth, Abilities is here to help you engage on multiple levels. We have taken what is special about the live Abilities Expos and amplified it online to more effectively reach the 1 in 5 Americans living with a disability as well as the devoted caregivers, industry and health professionals that support them.

Enjoy compelling articles in the following categories. Use-now tips, entertaining opinion pieces and in-depth stories are there to promote your increased independence and better quality of life.

Adaptive Sports

It’s not just a great way to promote health and wellness, it’s crazy fun. Check out skiing, rowing and more!

Assistive Tech

Bridge the gap between ability and disability with cutting-edge devices and inventive, low-tech gadgets.

Community Heroes

Meet ordinary people whose circumstances empowered them to push harder and achieve greater.

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You would do anything for the loved one in your care. Find tips and resources to help you take control.

Inclusive Recreation

All work and no play? Not for this community of dancers, artist, travelers, outdoorsy types and more!

Disability Products

Science, technology and overall ingenuity have revolutionized the disability products industries. Read on!

Latest News and Stories

First Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced Roam Camper Van Hits the Open Road

June 8, 2022

Winnebago has launched the all-new accessible Roam and the first one has left the lot! The Roam enables travel with freedom and comfort whether on a road trip or an in-town excursion.

Reeve Foundation Leads the Pack in Resources and Support for People with Paralysis

June 1, 2022

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation has all bases covered for the SCI/D community. Whether you are newly injured or have been living with paralysis, they bring their considerable knowledge and support to bear to improve your quality of life.

Remarkable Helps to Bring Innovative Disability Products to Market

May 25, 2022

Do you have an idea that will make a difference? Selected start-ups can join Remarkable's program to receive expert support, access to end users and up to $75,000 to get their game-changing inventions on the market.

Finding Purpose in a Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Diagnosis

May 18, 2022

When her son's inexplicable weight gain set off maternal alarm bells, Molly embarked on a journey to discover what was really going on. She hopes her story will raise awareness and abate judgement.

Save energy and reduce stress: Accessible spaces do both

May 13, 2021

Accessible spaces in homes and workplaces create atmospheres that are more relaxing, productive and allow everyone the opportunity to participate. Achieving accessibility is easier said than done.

Bella's Bumbas Gives the Gift of Mobility to Kids Across the Globe

May 11, 2022

Children in 59 countries are more mobile and independent thanks to the ingenious and fun-sized Bella's Bumbas. And thanks to generous donors, the families that need them pay nothing.

HandiCup: Necessity Spawns a Great Wheelchair Accessory

May 9, 2022

When HandiCup creator Chris Stigas saw a need for a mounted cup holder that worked for wheelchair users with limited hand function, nothing—not disability, not Covid—was going to stand in his way.

Building Your Employ-Ability

May 3, 2022

As a person with a disability, carving out your career path may seem like an uphill battle against accessibility barriers and ableist attitudes. This sage advice will help you level the playing field.

Grow your Savings: Open a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Today!

April 29, 2022

Not only can this plan help Canadians with disabilities and their families save for a rainy day, there are also wonderful opportunities for matching grants for those who qualify. Could that be you? Find out!

5 Myths and Facts about School Supports (504 Plans and IEPs)

May 6, 2022

Remember that you are the expert on you kid and the school is there to support their education. Equip yourself with the facts so that you can help craft an IEP or 504 plan that will allow your child to thrive.

Style Meets Advanced Function at Mobella

April 26, 2022

Good-bye, sterile-looking aluminum walker with tennis ball feet. Hello, super-stylish and versatile Afari All-Terrain Walker that says, "Look out world, here I come!" Let's go for a spin.

A Disabled Driver's Guide to Car Buying

April 21, 2022

When the open road beckons, and you find yourself in the market for an accessible vehicle, there are multiple routes you can take. Consider your accessibility needs, your budget and this handy guide in making this major purchase.

High Levels of Heavy Metals Found in Popular Baby Foods Linked to Autism

FApril 18, 2022

A congressional report revealed that some of the most trusted names in baby food had products contaminated with heavy metals far beyond limits recognized as safe. For young children, regular exposure to heavy metals can lead to the development of ASD.

Donning AFOs with one hand? Not possible…until now!

April 13, 2022

Leveraging her OT training and life-long desire to create something that could change lives, polio survivor Diane Vitillo invented the Original AFO Assist for people determined to handle these daily tasks independently.

Do You Need to Disclose a Disability in a Job Interview?

April 6, 2022

Do you or don't you tell a potential employer about your disability? Legally, you don't have to. But can an early share work to you advantage? Read on…

Auti Angel: Heaven's Newest Angel

March 30, 2022

It breaks our heart to say goodbye to our friend, our Dancebassador Auti Angel. In the last decade, we had a front-row seat to the wonderful impact that she had on the community at large, and especially on others with disabilities. We will miss you. RIP.

The Journey of a Hip-Hop Diva

March 25, 2022

Enjoy this piece, written last summer, on the adventurous life of Auti Angel. Her impact on the everyone she touched was as profound as the spirit that drove her, and we thought it was the perfect memorial to our friend, gone too soon.

3 Ways for Caregivers to Promote Independence for Adults with Disabilities

February 17, 2022

You want your loved ones with disabilities to live fulfilling lives that are as independent as they can be. Here's are just a few tips to help make that happen.

2X Paralympian Brent Poppen to Visit L.A. Abilities Expo

February 10, 2022

An accident may have altered the trajectory of Brett Poppen's life, but it never extinguished his love for sports. Meet this Paralympian at the Move United booth at Abilities Expo.

How Self-Determination Gives You the Freedom to Live Your Life

February 2, 2022

Want to live at home and hire friends or family to support you? With self-determination, you can. GT Independence is with you all the way, handling your payroll, taxes and all the other nitty-gritty. All so you can focus on you.

Abilities.com Partners with FACIL'iti to Boost Access on Web Platform

January 24, 2022

This unique digital solution provides an enhanced browsing experience for people with disabilities, actually allowing individuals to customize the user interface based on their particular condition.

Help Loved Ones Take Control Through Self-Determination

January 11, 2022

Opportunities for one mom's twin autistic sons have multiplied since self-determination became available to all eligible regional center consumers. Could these resources help you?

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