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March 26-27, 2021

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We have jam-packed this Abilities Virtual Experience line-up with a wide variety of important topics for the disability community! And after the workshop, you get to pick the brains of the experts in a live Q&A.

To make these presentations as easily accessible as possible, they will all be captioned and ASL-interpreted. So settle in for the 411 on service dogs, making your home accessible, saving for disability expenses and more.

Here's what we did in November 2020.

Check back soon for the new March line-up!

Essential Nutrients to Support Your Immune System

Presented by Joanne Smith

In this workshop you will learn...

  • Important foods and supplements to support your immune health
  • Budget-wise food staples
  • Additional health tips

Making Bathrooms Accessible

Presented by Mark Thompson, PVA

Accessible Bathroom

Making Bathrooms Accessible will review accessibility design issues and solutions to consider when planning residential bathroom renovations or additions. Topics discussed will include basic design bathroom layout, plumbing fixture selection and grab bar location and installation.

Building Your Employ-Ability

Presented by Carol-Ann Chafe, Founder & Chair of Access 2 Accessibility and Mary Daniel, Business Development/Community Engagement for Access 2 Accessibility

Building Your Employ-Ability

When a person builds their employ-ability, they can then build up their confidence in communication and leadership skills. From this presentation, there will be tips on how to feel positive to motivate yourself in your business and career opportunities. There will be tips on having a positive attitude that needs to come during interviews and provide network opportunities. As Entrepreneurs and Career Professionals, this will help you to increase your chances of making a strong first impression.

How Sex and Disability Feels: A Beginner's Guide

Presented by Andrew Gurza

How Sex and Disability Feels: A Beginner's Guide

This workshop will take you through some of the myths and facts around sex and disability, but will also underscore that rather than just focusing on the mechanics of sex and disability, it is important to consider the emotions as well. Using his lived experience and keen skill for storytelling, Disability Awareness Consultant Andrew Gurza will share his expertise to give the audience a chance to think about sex and disability in a way they haven't before.

The Disabled Pregnancy and Parenting Journey

Presenter: Daniela Izzie (New mom and Disability advocate), with Valeria Isaacs (CEO, Friendsheep), Shannon Minnick (Director of Independent Living Services, Independence Now), and Molly Carnan (Disability advocate). Vicki Varner-Thomas (Ms. Wheelchair VA 2019) hosts.

The Disabled Pregnancy and Parenting Journey with Dani Izzie

Dani Izzie, quadriplegic and new mom to twin girls, takes audiences on an intimate and enlightening exploration of the disabled pregnancy and parenting journey. Dani, the subject of an upcoming documentary (DANI'S TWINS) set for release in 2021, will join her peers in a frank discussion on the ins and outs of disabled pregnancy and delivery, as well as tips and tricks for adaptive parenting. Representing unique cultural vantage points, workshop participants will offer an array of perspectives. With a thematic focus on normalizing disability, the workshop will help nondisabled audiences expand their understanding of disability. Join the team for a live post-workshop Q&A. Follow the conversation here and on our digital channels.

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Website: https://www.danistwinsfilm.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanisTwinsFilm
Dani on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/DaniIzzie/ and https://www.instagram.com/DanisTwinsFilm/
YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/DaniIzzie
Dani's blog: http://daniizzie.com/

Safe & Supportive Fundraising

Presented by Sonny Mullen, Chris & Anne Marie Davis, David Talkington, Sharon Talkington, Help Hope Live

Creative Fundraising Ideas

Help Hope Live can help you fundraise for anything you may have seen at this Abilities Virtual Experience. Help Hope Live provides a safe and supportive environment to fundraise for your medical and related expenses. Joined by two Help Hope Live families, they will talk about different fundraising styles and offer some tips that helped them become successful.

Disability, Mental Health and Real Strategies for Empowerment

Presented by Lauren Presutti, MEd, EdS, LLMSW, Presutti Advocacy

Healthy Living

For many of us with disabilities, there are a lot of things that we have to figure out. We have to navigate healthcare systems, advocate for accommodations in school and in the workplace, adapt our environments and more. But what about our mental health? Sometimes, it can be easy to forget about prioritizing our mental health when we have so many other things that can take up our time and energy. In this workshop, we will address mental health for individuals with disabilities, explore why mental health is so important and discuss real strategies that can lead us to living positive, empowering lives with a disability.

Traveling With Disabilities: How the New Normal Will Affect Us…

Presenter: Debra Kerper, Accessible Travel Specialist

Traveling With Disabilities

People are ready to travel again but we need to wait a little while longer. In the meantime, we all need something to look forward to so let's discuss what travel may look like in the future and the best trips to start thinking about.

Making Kitchens Accessible

Presented by Wayne Broadfield, PVA

Making Kitchens Accessible

This workshop will discuss the design process and accessibility considerations for those who are planning to renovate their kitchen. This workshop will also provide insights on major appliance selection so that your project fits your family's accessibility needs.

College Accommodations for Students with Physical Disabilities and Health Conditions

Presented by Annie Tulkin, MS, Founder and Director of Accessible College

College Accommodations for Students with Physical Disabilities and Health Conditions

Students with physical disabilities and health conditions have a different set of considerations to navigate when transitioning to college in the United States. This webinar will explore the additional calculations that these students may face.

  1. Understand the applicable laws that govern academic, residential and programmatic aspects of college life (ADA, 504, FERPA).
  2. Identify common issues for students with physical disabilities and health conditions.
  3. Identify ways that students and families can prepare for this transition.

4 Steps to Emergency Preparedness Training

Presented by Ron Halog, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, ILRSCC

Emergency Preparedness

Get on target with your Emergency Preparedness efforts! Learn to navigate the "Circles of Preparedness," starting with your own personal preparedness and safety. Because California has been impacted by past fires, earthquakes, floods and now a pandemic, California has developed a free and easy 4-step Personal Emergency Preparedness Training called Listos – California for All. It is designed to make preparedness interactive and less stressful. Join this FREE enjoyable online training and get prepared today!

How to Talk to Anybody When You Have A Disability or Chronic Illness

Presented by Estela Lugo & Lainie Ishbia

Speak up! How to talk about your disability effectively

We all know that communication is an essential part of our relationships and well-being. Expressing ourselves can be challenging, but expressing the unique needs related to one's disabilities can pose extra challenges. Have you ever felt misunderstood because of your disability? Has miscommunication ever interfered in your relationships?

Being able to effectively communicate can be tough in general, but for those of us with disabilities, expressing our unique wants and needs without feeling ashamed or needy can be extra challenging. In this workshop, participants will learn skills and tools for communicating in a healthy and productive way in order to better themselves, improve their relationships and live their best lives.

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