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Inclusive Activities Make the Experience

We are packing a ton of adaptive fun into your Abilities Virtual Experience! From the comfort of your living room, you can join the Rollettes dance party. You can improve strength and flexibility with adaptive yoga. How about learning a paracheer routine or seeing mini therapy horses in action? Settle in...it's going to be a blast!

Athletics and Fitness
Service Animals

Athletics and Fitness

Circus Moves

Circus Moves

Circus Moves provides innovative movement activities and event entertainment customized to fit any budget, group, or location. We are committed to providing inclusive programs, and strive to serve all individuals regardless of age or ability. Step out of your comfort zone and into your Circus Zone! #Community, #private, and #corporate programs for #youth, #adults, #seniors!

Adapt to Perform Fitness

Adapt to Fitness

My name is Ben Clark, a C7 Quadriplegic personal trainer and owner/presenter of Adapt To Perform, the world's largest YouTube channel dedicated to providing fitness and motivation for Wheelchair users.  My passion is to provide quality education, motivation and inspiration barrier free for all Wheelchair users. I have cultivated an active and thriving community from people all over the world.

As an ex-professional swimmer, high level coach and personal trainer I have used my knowledge and experience to create over 300 videos including a completely 30-day program that would normally cost over $100.  It would be a pleasure for you to join our welcoming and growing community and together we will reach your fitness goals.


Adapt to Fitness

CMTDefy is owned and operated by Julie Stone.  Julie has CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) type 2A and started CMTDefy because:

"I've always loved fitness and clothes and have learned to work with what I have instead of what I don't, and I want to inspire you to do the same and love yourself for who you are and focus on your talents because you are **amazing** in your own way and I want you to own that and live your best life and everyday to the fullest!"

Learn more about CMTDefy on their website here: https://www.cmtdefy.com.

Dive Pirates

Dive Pirates

At Dive Pirates we combine resources and communities with physically disabled people to celebrate life after injury through adaptive scuba diving.

"After my injury, I didn't think much was possible. After Dive Pirates, I know anything is possible."

People with amputations, spinal cord injuries and those with hearing loss or vision impairment are the most common candidates. While all medically qualified, physically disabled people can become a Dive Pirate, we focus on disabled military, law enforcement and first responder veterans who have sustained injuries in the line of duty with ongoing physical mobility issues.

For more information, visit our website here: https://divepirates.org.

Drums Alive

Drummer Boy

Drums Alive is a fun cardio drumming program designed for all ages and abilities. Just have fun! Dance and drum along and go at your pace!

At home equipment can be: laughing basket, cardboard box, tray table, chair, pool noodles, paper towel/wrapped paper tubes, wooden utensils, etc.

Henry Viscardi School's Wheelchair Basketball Program

Wheelchair Basketball Program

The Henry Viscardi School Wheelchair Basketball Program was created to allow children of all levels of physical disabilities to play together as a team and to reach their highest potential as athletes. The program gives children a chance to have fun, learn to respect individual needs, as well as learn good sportsmanship and teamwork. Our goal is to encourage individuality, heighten self-esteem, and provide a safe environment for each member of the team.

Houston Sword Sports

Wheelchair Basketball Program

Houston Sword Sports is a fencing club located in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2015, we offer classes to kids, teens, and adults of all ages in all three fencing weapons: foil, epee, and saber. We incorporate wheelchair fencers into our regular practices, allowing fencers of all ability and experience levels to enjoy this fast-paced and exciting sport.

Unified Health and Performance

Adaptive Skiing

Unified Health and Performance is an inclusive strength and conditioning facility in Massachusetts that provides individualized fitness programs for athletes of all ages and abilities.

We started Unified Health and Performance to be a model of inclusion in the strength and conditioning world; to be a place where high level athletes, with and without disabilities, could become the strongest version of themselves. We've been able to work with more than 500 athletes and have witnessed impressive physical feats, regardless of disability. We created  AdaptX as an educational platform that would give fitness and disability service professionals the knowledge and tools to create their own adaptive fitness programs

Learn more about Unified Health and Performance, as well as  AdaptX, through their website here: https://unifiedhp.com.

Vermont Adaptive Sports

Adaptive Skiing

Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports is a nationally recognized organization that empowers people of all abilities through inclusive sports and recreational programming regardless of ability to pay. In addition to sports, year-round programming options integrate environmental, holistic wellness, and competitive training philosophies for people of all ages with cognitive, developmental, physical and emotional disabilities.


Everyone come dance! Enjoy a dance class from Auti Angel!

Auti Angel's FreeStyle Dance Workshop

Auti will lead everyone in her one-of-a-kind workshop. Auti Angel, the pioneer of wheelchair Hip-Hop dancing, has danced with "Straight Outta Compton's" Eazy-E & N.W.A. along with LL Cool J and Ludacris just to name a few. However, her greatest joy comes from dancing with others who also have awesome unique abilities. Dancing crosses the boundaries of age, gender, and physical ability - including individuals using both manual and power wheelchairs.

Center for Modern Dance Education

Center for Modern Dance Education

Center for Modern Dance is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1962. The Center offers a variety of dance classes and promotes the study of dance. The Center believes that dance is for everyone including youth at risk, people with disabilities and people of all income levels.
Check out more on their website here: http://cmde.org.

Dancing Wheels

Dancing Wheels

If dance is an expression of the human spirit, then it is best expressed by people of all abilities. That is the fundamental belief behind the Dancing Wheels Company & School. Considered one of the premier arts and disabilities organizations in the U.S., Dancing Wheels is a professional, physically integrated dance company uniting the talents of dancers both with and without disabilities.

Mary Verdi-Fletcher, the first professional wheelchair dancer in the U.S., founded the Dancing Wheels Company in Cleveland in 1980. Born with spina bifida, Mary wanted to offer others with disabilities full and equal access into the world of dance. An almost unimaginable concept at the time, Mary's vision and passion have since helped to revolutionize our very notion of dance—as well as what defines a dancer.

You can find out more about Dancing Wheels Company and their performances at their website here: https://dancingwheels.org.

ILL-Abilities & Stance

Presented by: ILL-ABILITIES

The Men of ILL-Abilities

ILL-ABILITIES™ is an International Breakdance Crew comprised of some of the world's best differently-abled dancers. The crew was created in 2007 by Montreal-based dancer and motivational speaker Luca "Lazylegz" Patuelli, with the goal to inspire audiences with their positive attitudes and incredible dance moves.

7 dancers, 6 countries, 1 passion

Initially, the crew formed gradually, with Luca meeting and recruiting the other dancers one by one, by meeting them at various dance competitions around the world, or online. Each member is individually recognized on a global level as an incredible dancer and for the work they do within their own local communities. ILL-Abilities is spread out amongst 6 countries on 4 continents, therefore, the crew has an instant global reach. This international aspect creates opportunities to present audiences with a diverse cultural experience, beyond what might be offered by a group based in a single location.

ILL-ABILITIES™ spreads positive thinking by sharing their stories with motivational entertainment programs, theatrical dance performances, and (integrated) dance workshops. Leaving a long lasting impact worldwide.

To find out more about ILL-ABILITIES, check out their website here: https://www.illabilities.com
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @ILLAbilities

Tap Dancing Hands DownAdaptive Tap Dancing

The mission of Mary Six Rupert's TAP DANCING HANDS DOWN® is to provide the opportunity for those with limited mobility to learn and perform traditional tap dance technique using gloves, with regulation taps attached, in the place of tap shoes. 

TAP DANCING HANDS DOWN® is a trademarked system of teaching, choreographing and performing traditional tap dance technique using special gloves, with regulation taps attached, and tapping on a wooden board placed in the dancer's lap (or placed on a table.)

The Rollettes

The Rollettes Los Angeles Presents!

The Rollettes empower women with disabilities to live boundlessly and shift perspective through dance. Founded in 2012 by Chelsie Hill, the Rollettes are a group of young women making a Difference—breaking new ground and inspiring the next generation. They are a community, a sisterhood, a family. Role models and trail blazers in dance, fashion, make-up and fitness. These women have created a community that redefines what it means to be strong, female, and resilient. With dance they dazzle and push the boundaries that others place in the way. Each summer, the Rollettes hosts an experience, bringing together people from all over the globe. Open to all ages and abilities, we welcome you to partake in this life-changing bundle of moments, regardless of dance background. For many of our attendees, the Rollettes Experience is more than just dance. It's about finding someplace where you fit in perfectly.

Check out: www.rollettesdance.com and www.rollettesexperience.com.

Service Animals

SOUL Harbour Therapy Horses

Presented by: SOUL Harbour Ranch Animal Therapy Program

SOUL Harbour Therapy Horses

Our mission is to enrich lives by promoting the unconditional love and healing of the human-animal bond while advocating for animal therapy standards of excellence.

Our registered therapy animals visit and share their unconditional love with those in need, at hospitals, nursing homes and retirement communities, schools, libraries, veteran facilities, homes for the disabled, and more. Our visits are made possible through the selfless passion of our all-volunteer organization and the generosity of donors who support the sharing of our animals' unconditional love and healing.

Learn more about their program offerings on their website here: https://soulharbourranch.com or check out a video on their offerings here: https://vimeo.com/356993110.  



Accessible/Adaptive Chair Yoga Class

Jackie Gadd, Director of BYOMYoga, is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador providing Adaptive Yoga classes to promote inclusion for adults (and children) with special needs since 2015, partnering with the County of San Diego and St. Madeleine Sophie's Center. She teaches Yoga at local libraries, the YMCA, and privately. Jackie has multiple accreditation in children's yoga, with an E-RYT200 and Perinatal Yoga Certification from Yoga Alliance, plus one for Teaching Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis. She has a vested interest in understanding and explaining the connection between yoga and functional movement to maximize the mind/body/breath experience. Jackie says, "I have found that I am most happy when I am in the service of others, and therefore, journey to share yoga as much as possible."

Jackie has been offering online classes through the COVID-19 Pandemic, and invites you to join in her classes through her website at http://www.byomyoga.com. She also has a library of free classes available at http://www.byomyogavideos.com.

Sarah Starr

Presented by Sarah Starr, host of TV program "Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr" Accessible Yoga For Everyone with Sarah Starr

Have you always wanted to try yoga, but it seemed too challenging?  Here's your chance to lengthen, strengthen, & tone your body gently with Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr!  Enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice… including flexibility, toning, with supportive chair yoga, breath & meditation, all while featuring the beauty of Mother Nature.

Sarah provides an entry point into the practice of yoga with programs designed for people with varying abilities. You can find her full library of videos on her website here: https://www.happyyoga.tv.  

Imagine Yoga & Wellness Inc.

Presented by Sarah Starr, host of TV program "Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr" Imagine Yoga & Wellness Inc.

About Imagine Yoga & Wellness Inc., was started in 2018 by Robynn Nierop & Julie Burrows who combined, have over 25 years of experience working with individuals of all abilities. We believe there is a need to provide more options that encourages everybody to get more active and lead a healthier lifestyle in a fun and social way.

We are honored to share adapted yoga made accessible for everybody! Find out more at: www.imagineyogaandwellness.com


Wheelchair Maintenance

Presented by: Fun4thedisabled

Wheelchair Maintenance

Fun4thedisabled is a disability blog about people, products, organizations, events, and accessible activities for people with ability challenges and their friends and families of all ages to enjoy themselves. Check out the latest blog and sign up for the newsletter through their website here: https://www.fun4thedisabled.com

Disabled, Pregnant, Powerful--Dani's Twins Film

Presented by: Fun4thedisabled

Disabled, Pregnant, Powerful--Dani's Twins Film

Dani Izzie just delivered two healthy girls—making her one of the few quadriplegics ever to give birth to twins. Her dramatic and heroic story, showcased in a new documentary set for release in early 2021, will provide a rare, intimate look into the issues of disability, pregnancy, and adaptive parenting. Dani's story is universal, one that any woman, any person who has faced adversity can relate to. The documentary will challenge ingrained perceptions and compel audiences to rethink "ability" as Dani shows that pregnancy and parenthood as a quadriplegic is not only possible, it's perfectly unremarkable. Join our event to watch the film teaser, and hear Dani and Andy talk about issues ranging from Dani's pregnancy journey to adaptive parenting to disability bias. Follow the conversation here and on our digital channels.

YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/DaniIzzie

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