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Donate Used Equipment at Abilities Expo

Wheeling ForwardAre old wheelchairs and other useful equipment for people with disabilities stockpiling in your garage? One person's relic is another's life saver, so dust off your old healthcare equipment and bring it with you to the NY Metro Abilities Expo. Wheeling Forward will be onsite to accept your generous (and tax deductible) donations.

While power wheelchairs and pediatric wheelchairs are in highest demand, Wheeling Forward will also accept custom manual wheelchairs, shower commode wheelchairs, scooters, adaptive exercise equipment, standing frames, strollers, assistive technology, mobility vans, stair lifts and specialty wheelchair cushions/backs. Items should be in good working order, however items with dead batteries are acceptable.

If you not sure whether your item may be accepted to help someone in need, please send an email to to inquire.

Through their Wheelchair Giving Program, Wheeling Forward aims to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals by providing them the FREEDOM and MOBILITY to improve their quality of life!

Donate used equipment through Wheeling Forward

Every year, Wheeling Forward helps many adults and children with disabilities in need of durable medical equipment who are uninsured, living in institutions or facing dire circumstances. And while the specific needs of each individual vary, they do their very best to find a mobility solution. In 2013, Wheeling Forward provided more than 40 power wheelchairs to those in need in the New York Tri-state area, and provided 20 power wheelchairs to victims of Hurricane Sandy alone!

The co-founders of Wheeling Forward, Alex Elegudin and Yannick Benjamin met after sustaining spinal cord injuries in the same month. Alex was just 19 and Yannick was 25. Young and determined to persevere, Alex returned to school to become an attorney and Yannick followed his passion for wine while going on to college. After years of volunteering in the community of people with disabilities, Alex and Yannick decided to use their experience and networks to tackle challenging, underserved areas of need. In 2011, they founded Wheeling Forward with a group of committed board members. In just a few short years, Wheeling Forward has provided people with the motivation and resources to resume active lives. The organization has become recognized as an agile, innovative and effective group of advocates working to drive progress in the community of people with disabilities.

"We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Abilities Expo to raise awareness of our wheelchair donation program and other supportive services," said Alex Elegudin, president of Wheeling Forward. "As a quadriplegic myself I understand the value of mobility as much as anyone, and that's why we started this program, to make sure that everyone has the basic ability to just get around."

You will see Wheeling Forward personnel and signage at the entrance to the New Jersey Expo & Convention Center. Please bring your used equipment to donate to someone who needs it!




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