• Assistive Technology at the Houston Expo
    August 3 - 5, 2018
    NRG Center, Hall E
    Fri. 11am-5pm | Sat. 11am-5pm | Sun 11am-4pm

Assistive Technology Showcase: Interact with Tomorrow's Technology Today

Texas TechnologyThe Abilities Expo AT Showcase, sponsored by the Texas Technology Access Program (TTAP) of the University of Texas at Austin, is your chance to explore how assistive technology can help you or your loved ones bridge the gap between ability and disability!

TTAP is dedicated to increasing the access for people with disabilities to AT that offers greater control over their surroundings and an enhanced ability to function independently. They develop programs to improve access, advocacy and awareness of assistive technology to meet the needs of Texans with disabilities.

Below are just some one the existing assistive technology products that you will find. Stop by to interact with:

Augmentative Communication Computer Access and Mousing Early Childhood Adapted Toys and Switches Hearing Switches Tablet Station Vision

Augmentative Communication

For an individual with communication disabilities, devices which can help them more fully participate in their social environs are priceless.

Accent 1400
The Accent 1400 features a large, 14" high-definition, touch-screen display and bigger icons. Screen and icon size is especially important for children and adults who must use alternative access methods, such as eye-gaze, head-tracking, or switch scanning, to operate an AAC device due to physical disabilities.

Accent 1400

Big Step-by-Step
Record any single message directly into the communicator and press its activation surface for playback up to two minutes in length. Connect a toy or appliance for additional motivation.

Cheap Talk 4
Cheap Talk 4 with the switches arranged in a line. Activated by pressing one of the 4 message squares.

Cheap Talk 4

Tobii-Dynavox T7
The Tobii-Dynavox T7 is a small, portable communication aid for text and symbol based communication. The Tobii-Dynavox T7 is suitable for users who are ambulatory and have use of their hands.

The ProxTalker is a direct selection communicator and communication board designed for use by individuals with cognitive, communication or speech disabilities.


Talkable 4
The Talkable 4 compact message communicator comes with built-in icon holders and clear covers. Records of the 20 seconds in four different messages.


Computer Access and Mousing

It's IT with a little help from AT! Learn about the alternate methods of operating computers including the latest accessible software, special keyboards, adaptive mice, voice input and more.

Arc Touch Mouse
The Arc Touch Mouse's design allows for quick use and storage. Curve it comfortably to get started. Then smoothly glide your finger up or down the touch strip. Simply flatten the Arc Touch Mouse to turn it off.

Arc Touch

Big Track Mouse (Infogrip)      
The BIGtrack has a 3 inch trackball. The large ball requires less fine motor control than a standard trackball. It has a left and a right mouse click button located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11
Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you create documents and e-mails using only your voice, a computer and Dragon software. Use your voice to dictate, edit and control applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and WordPerfect.

Ergonomic Optical Mouse (3M large)
The 3M™ Ergonomic Mouse has earned an Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation® for its patented, vertical grip design that keeps your hand and wrist at a neutral angle, while the mouse works as a regular optical mouse.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse
The patented shape supports your hand in an upright neutral posture that generally avoids forearm twisting. The shape is thoughtfully sculpted for uncompromised comfort and easy-to-reach programmable buttons. No finger contortions are needed to operate the buttons.

Evolunt Mouse

Kensington Expert Mouse
The Kensington Expert Mouse uses Kensington's Diamond Eye optical technology and comes with a soft new wrist rest to increase comfort while mousing.

Early Childhood Adapted Toys and Switches

Start early! Give your child the best from the get-go with these great learning toys.

Gel Pad Activity Center
Gel Pad Activity Center provides auditory, tactile and visual experiences.Three different gel pad switches provides opportunities for exploration.

Gel Pad

Merry Go Round
Bead chains spin around for a tactile experience with blinking lights and music. Plug for any standard adaptive switch.

Shape Switch
This music box is activated by a shape switch. When the child inserts the correct shapes into place, the music box plays a pleasant tune. This teaches color and shape recognition.
Shape Switch

The Twinkler
The Twinkler provides visual and tactile awareness. Pressing the yellow textured switch on the front of the device will send sparkles flying around the dome while simultaneously playing music and lighting up.

Vibrating Fiber Optic Light
These fiber optic strings change colors from red, green, blue, and purple. The light makes a wonderful addition to any sensory environment. The strings provide gentle tactile stimulation and they can also be curled as a way to practice fine motor skills.


Attendees will be impressed with the variety of communication aids available for those with auditory disabilities. Come and test ingenious devices which can help connect you with the hearing world.

Bluetooth Amplified Neckloop Headset
Reduce interference between cell phones and hearing aids with this portable amplifier. It is compatible with any device with a Bluetooth transmitter inubicluding cell phones, cordless phones, computers, and MP3 players. T-Coil compatible and easy one touch answering.


Central 360 Home Alert
The Central Alert 360 is an all-in-one notification system for your home. It alerts you to all the daily sounds in your home such as alarm clock, door knocking, phone ringing, alarm sound from your audio alarms, motion detectors, and storm warning from your NOAA radio.

Comfort Contego
The Comfort Contego is a unique, wireless communication system designed to improve and enhance the quality of sound.

Comfort Contego

E-Scope II
The E-Scope II stethoscope for ITE hearing has Low-frequency headphones are provided that should be placed over the ears. The ITE hearing aids are not removed. Two specialist heads (bell and diaphragm) are included.

E-Scope II

Mino Personal Amplifier
Mino Personal Amplifier is a communication aid that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to enhance speech in small group conversations, family gatherings, and outdoors.

Comfort Contego

Pocket talker 2.0
The Pocket talker 2.0 helps you hear the sounds and voices most important to you. It amplifies what you want to hear, while reducing distracting background noise.

Pocket Talker

This UbiDuo provides a face to face communication solution for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Dual screens and keyboards allow for immediate communication.


ZYGO Wireless Amplifier
Wireless voice amplifier with a 12-watt speaker and wireless, clip-on, lapel microphone using adaptive 2.4 GHz digital auto-pairing.


Big Red Switch w/Interchangeable Color Caps
The Big Red® activation surface provides a large target area to turn mechanical devices on/off with minimal effort. It plugs into any switch-adapted device with a standard, mono 3-1/2 mm switch jack.

Big Red Switch

Candy Corn Sensor Switch
The candy corn proximity switch is a highly sensitive electronic sensor switch, requiring no force. The auditory and visual feedback provides the indication that the switch has been activated.

Candy Corn Sensor Switch

Frog Switch
Light touch animal switches. Bring some excitement into the classroom with these colorful animal switches (only frog available).

Frog Switch

Gooshy Switch
Soft and sparkly, Gooshy Switch has lights, vibration and music. Control allows the user to select any or all of the features. It can be also be used alone as a sensory device.

Jelly Beamer Wireless
The Jelly Beamer Twist Transmitter and receiver allow a wireless connection between switch and component.

Jelly Beamer

Pillow Switch
Pillow Switch is ideal for people with limited head and limb movements. The unique switch is encased in foam and covered with a soft bag which can be easily removed and washed.

Pillow Switch

Tablet Station

Test out a multitude of apps for both iPad and Android devices.


Why let low vision stand in the way of doing the things you want to do? Take advantage of assistive technologies which help to bring your environment into focus.

Colorino Color Identifier
Discerns and clearly announces up to 150 color shades Detects presence of light, signals itsproximity and intensity Earphone jack for private listening. (Earphone not included.)


The GoVision provides a 24" LCD Transportable read, write and distance video magnifier with build-in OCR, USB port and is compatible with phones, tablets and computers.

JAWS by Freedom Scientific
JAWS reads aloud what's on the PC screen. JAWS enables you to work with Microsoft® Office Suite, MSN Messenger®, WordPerfect, Adobe® Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer™, Firefox™—and many more applications that are used on a regular basis on the job and in school.


Keys-You-See LP Keyboard w/Mouse
This large print keyboard comes with a compact, color coordinated mouse, and features color coded keys to highlight vowels, consonants and numbers. Keys U See for Kids.
Keys-You-See LP Keyboard w/Mouse

Liquid Level Indicator
Liquid level indicator measures 2 different levels of liquid with both a high pitched beep and a buzz. Two levels of beeping gives you advance warning as liquid nears the top of your mug or cup.


Magic by Freedom Scientific
MAGic screen magnification software increases the size of what you see on a monitor, and MAGic with Speech also speaks aloud screen contents.

Pebble HD
Pebble HD has a new HD camera providing a high definition picture. The new lightweight compact design let you carried at your purse, pocket, or clip it on your belt with the included carrying case.

Pebble HD



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