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    Popular Houston Festival to Fund Accessible Playground
    Houston community to rally in support of all-inclusive playground.
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Abilities Expo is about bringing necessary products and services together under one roof for the community of people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, seniors, and healthcare professionals. It's about introducing opportunities that can enrich your life ...especially ones that you never knew were out there.

What's in Store for you at Abilities Expo

Game-changing tech will help you redefine possible

It wasn't all that long ago that bionic exoskeletons and eye-gaze technologies were the stuff of science fiction. Now it’s reality and just some of the leading-edge products at Abilities Expo!

Dance like nobody's watching

Every Abilities Expo is your chance to learn hot new dance moves that promote fitness. It could be hip hop, ballroom, Latin, Zumba, ballet or line dancing, but it’s always inclusive and it’s always fun!

Animals have a way of finding the people that need them

Greater independence and wellness is just a friendly wet nose away for many people with disabilities. Find out how assistance animals support their human partners.

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As much as we wish it could, Abilities Expo can't be everywhere. But the new Abilities.com can! Visit often for informative articles on disability products, serious pieces on issues of policy and a lot of fun, engaging perspectives on life with a disability.

Improve Self-Health Through Meditation and Mindfulness

July 13, 2018

Holistic health expert and rolling mama Kristina Rhoades shares thoughts on why self-health so often begins with your perspective.

Ensure Inclusive Travel with accessibleGO

July 10, 2018

This travel website not only allows you to search detailed accessibility info to ensure a destination meets your needs, it has also created a Yelp-style community to share experiences.

What About the Faces Behind the Screen?

July 6, 2018

Think about all your daily interactions with technology. Now imagine that technology was completely inaccessible to you because of a sensory disability.

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