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It's no secret that physical activity is essential to over good health regardless of whether or not you have a disability. Adaptive sports are focused on cultivating a person's ability and provide enjoyable, yet therapeutic, activities in a non-treatment setting.

Abilities Expo is honored to present a variety of interactive, health-enhancing, confidence-building adaptive sports. Come and test your skills and expand your experiences at the following fun events.

Adaptive Rowing

Presented by: MedStar NRH Adaptive Sports and Fitness

Adaptive Rowing in the DC Metro Area

Try an adaptive rowing machine and discover how it can open up the world of adaptive rowing for you. No access to water is needed! Rowing is a sport that is accessible to most people with disabilities. Learn about the many benefits of rowing, such as exercise, fitness, improving self-esteem, setting goals, and a sense of accomplishment. Learn more at www.medstarnrh.org/our-services/adaptive-sports-fitness/

Manual Wheelchair Skills for Everyone

Presented by: Empower Spinal Cord Injury

Manual Wheelchair Skills for Everyone

What is your favorite way to hop a curb? What tricks do you use to get yourself off the ground? Never sat in a manual wheelchair and have always wanted to try a wheelie? Visit the Empower SCI table and we will help you brush up on old skills and learn new skills from others. The booth will be staffed with both manual wheelchair-users and able-bodied staff to offer education and opportunities to learn new wheelchair skills. Skills will include curb-hopping, fall recovery, wheelie management, wheelchair maintenance, and challenging transfers. Open to both wheelchair-users and able-bodied individuals, there will be several wheelchairs present for able-bodied individuals to try out these skills. Visit us for a personal "Learn New Skills" time where you can spend 15 dedicated minutes getting one-on-one assistance with a skill you'd like to master. Based on availability. Attendees can reserve specific times at the booth. Learn more at www.empowersci.org.

Wheelchair Rugby

Presented by: Northern Virginia Wheelchair Rugby

Roll with the Wind: Ride-Along Race Experience

Wheelchair rugby has often been described as a combination of football, hockey and basketball in a wheelchair. Any individual with impairments in three or more extremities may be eligible to play. This may include, but not limited to: spinal cord injury, post polio and cerebral palsy. Wheelchair rugby is played with four players on a team on a basketball court. The main message of quad rugby is "Smashing Stereotypes One Hit at a Time" and the sport has proven to be a life changer for those who start playing it. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/NoVAMutiny/

Wheelchair Basketball Demonstration

Presented by: Fairfax Falcons Paralympic Sports

Roll with the Wind: Ride-Along Race Experience

Wheelchair basketball is one of 26 Paralympic sports and is played by both men and women. The sport is designed for athletes who have a physical disability that prevents running, jumping and pivoting. Many of the same rules from able-bodied basketball apply in the wheelchair game and the plays and strategies are similar. Learn more about the sport, discover where you can play in the region and try it for yourself. Discover more at http://info.fairfaxfalcons.org.

Roll with the Wind: Ride-Along Race Experience

Presented by: Ainsley's Angels of America

Roll with the Wind: Ride-Along Race Experience

Test drive the Ainsley's Angels athletic ride-along experience! Created for anyone who would otherwise not be able to experience endurance events, Ainsley's Angels creates "Angel Teams" by pairing Athlete-riders with runners to compete in endurance events and road races. The Athlete rider is the core of the team and pulls the runner across the finish line with smiles, cheers and immeasurable inspirational spirit. Be sure to visit the Ainsley's Angels of America booth to sign up to experience the thrill TODAY! First person first served. A limited number of race experience times are available on each day of the Expo. Learn more at www.ainsleysangels.org.

Adaptive Boccia Ball

Presented by: Tanece James, MedStar NRH Adaptive Fitness and Sports

Adaptive Boccia

Come learn about and play the ancient game of Boccia - a fully accessible sport for everyone that combines wits, skill and strategy! Boccia is extremely versatile and inclusive - it can be played indoors or outdoors on a hard, flat surface, in either individual or team play, socially or competitively, up to the Paralympic level. With assistive devices, Boccia can be played by anyone, no matter their ability. Learn more at www.medstarnrh.org/our-services/adaptive-sports-fitness/services/boccia-ball

Adaptive Fitness Class

Presented by: MedStar NRH No Limits Demo with DPI Adaptive Fitness

Adaptive Fitness Class

Individuals with physical disabilities have as much need (if not more) for physical activity to promote healthy living as do able bodies individuals. Being physically active can decrease your chances of developing secondary conditions, including coronary heart disease, diabetes, and pressure sores. Discover some of the common components used in physical training that will help you build and improve strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, functional abilities and overall mood and confidence. Enjoy a fun class that introduces you to concepts such as cardio, resistance, high intensity, and circuit training. Class is suitable for people with varying physical abilities. Learn more at www.medstarnrh.org/our-services/adaptive-sports-fitness/ and www.dpiadaptivefitness.co.

Power Soccer Demonstration

Presented by: Tidewater Piranhas Power Soccer Club and Coach Steve Belechak

Power Soccer in Washington DC

Watch and learn as members of the U.S. Power Soccer Association demonstrate and train attendees on the techniques of power wheelchair soccer. Discover this very active and growing sport that is open to power wheelchair users of all ages. See how players combine their skills as wheelchair users with the speed and power of the chair itself, to participate in this extremely challenging game similar to soccer. Then try the sport out for yourself and learn where you can get involved in the local area. Learn more at www.powersoccerusa.net and www.freewebs.com/vapowersoccer.

Wheelchair Lacrosse

Presented by: Wheelchair Lacrosse USA

Power Soccer in Washington DC

Since 2009, Wheelchair Lacrosse has been turning heads. Lacrosse is a new and challenging game for players interested in demanding, fast paced action. It has many benefits and is becoming a popular option for wheelchair athletes. Watch local athletes showcase the sport and try it for yourself as well. Learn more at www.wheelchairlacrosse.com.

Blind Hockey Demonstration

Presented by: Washington Wheelers

Blind Hockey Demonstration in the DC Metro Area

Adapted from one of the fastest and most aggressive sports in the world, blind hockey involves teams of legally blind players competing against each other on the ice. The sport includes a modified puck, a smaller goal and rules to create the only adaptive winter team sport. Come and see the Washington Wheelers in action and try blind hockey for yourself at Abilities Expo. This could be the start of an exciting new pastime! Learn more at www.facebook.com/dcblindhockey.

Wheelchair Tennis

Presented by: MedStar NRH Adaptive Fitness and Sports

Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing wheelchair sports! People with disabilities can play on a recreational or professional level, and it also offers the ability to compete with able-bodied friends. All rules in wheelchair tennis are the same except wheelchair players are allowed two bounces of the ball. Over 15,000 players in over 70 countries on all continents play wheelchair tennis. Learn more at https://www.medstarnrh.org/our-services/adaptive-sports-fitness/services/tennis/.

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