Wheeleez, Inc.

WheelEEZ Sandcruiser™ and Sandpiper™ All-Terrain/Beach Wheelchairs

Illustration of a variety of wheels placed in ascending order by size with Wheeleez, Inc. written on an angle above it in teal.The Wheeleez SandcruiserTM and SandpiperTM All-Terrain/Beach Wheelchairs offer unparalleled mobility on sandy and challenging terrains for adults and children. Their standout feature lies in the innovative WheelEEZTM balloon sand wheels, designed to effortlessly traverse sandy shores, making beach outings accessible for wheelchair users. These specialized wheels distribute weight efficiently, preventing sinking and providing a smooth ride on soft surfaces. The SandcruiserTM and SandpiperTM models prioritize user comfort, durability and ease of use, enabling individuals with mobility challenges to confidently enjoy the outdoors. With their unique design and reliable performance, these all-terrain wheelchairs redefine accessibility and redefine the boundaries of wheelchair mobility.

Wheeleez, Inc. in Fairfield, CA, is the premier North American distributor of WheelEEZ products. Offering friendly, knowledgeable customer service, they boast extensive product and parts inventories, ensuring a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

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The bright blue Wheeleez Sandcruiser beach chair is by itself on a sandy beach on a sunny day with the blue-green ocean and blue cloudless sky in the background.

A senior man is pushing his senior friend on his Wheeleez Sandcruiser through the shallow water of the beach shoreline.

A father is pushing his daughter in a Wheeleez Sandpiper up to a waiting horse on the beach.

A senior is pushing his senior friend on his Wheeleez Sandcruiser through the grassy dune above the beach.

The bright yellow Wheeleez Sandpiper beach chair is by itself on a sandy beach with grassy dunes in the background.


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