Uro Concepts, Inc.

URO Urinary Suspensory System

Uro Concepts, Inc.URO Urinary Suspensory Systemâ„¢ is an all-in-one, unisex urinary leg bag holder that does NOT use uncomfortable leg straps! Recommended by urologists, this system holds the leg bag securely in the interior pockets of a comfortable undergarment and does not constrict circulation to the lower leg or cause skin abrasions.

The URO Urinary Suspensory System includes:

  • One 2-pocket undergarment leg bag holder
  • Two vinyl 600 ml leg bags with T-Tap release valve
  • Two 6" tubing for condom catheter users.

The system can be used with ALL catheters including condom, Foley, suprapubic and nephrostomy (left, right, bi-lateral).

A patented product of Uro Concepts, Inc., the URO Urinary Suspensory System is Medicare-approved at one per month with HCPCS Code A5105 (prescription required). You can either purchase directly or to access Medicare processing companies here

Labor Day Special

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Live your life while comfortably and discreetly managing your leg bag.

Diagram shows URO Urinary Suspensory system versus alternatives

Demonstration of URO Concepts system

What are people saying about the URO Urinary Suspensory System?

Gold and silver Paralympic Quad Tennis medalist David Wager says, "The comfort and support I achieve with this product is perfect for my active lifestyle."

URO Concepts and David Wagner, tennis star

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