Self-Transfer from Bed to Wheelchair with UpLyft

By Bria d'Amours, UpLyft

Did you know that there are over 24.2 million people in the U.S. who require assistance getting in and out of bed every single day? These individuals often suffer from a lack of independence and reduced quality of life, having to rely on their caregivers and loved ones to perform daily routine tasks.

Uplyft in action

Enter UpLyft®— the world's first seated self-transfer system between bed and wheelchair for individuals with limited mobility.

Self-transfer System Affords Freedom and Independence to People with Disabilities

In about two minutes, a person can self-transfer him/herself with UpLyft from a flat/supine position in bed, into their wheelchair, and vice versa. This means that individuals at home who are suffering from mobility challenges can regain their autonomy by independently transferring between their bed and wheelchair without any assistance required from a caregiver or loved one!

In addition to being used for self-transfer, UpLyft can also be used as a 'zero-lifting' assisted transfer system by caregivers. The device features external controls that allow caregivers and loved ones to safely and efficiently transfer individuals with mobility challenges with zero physical force required during the process.

UpLyft Provides Caregiver Relief from Injury with Zero-Lifting

This 'zero-lifting' assisted transfer option allows for UpLyft to also be used in healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Healthcare workers currently suffer from severe back and neck injuries that are specifically caused by patient lifting. These injuries lead to staff shortages and burgeoning workers' compensation claims that currently cost the U.S. healthcare industry more than $20 billion annually! UpLyft solves these problems by providing a safe and efficient transfer system that does not require any external labor from the nurse or healthcare worker during the transfer process.

Uplyft in action

UpLyft replaces currently used fabric slings, body boards, and other inferior lift-to-stand mechanisms that all require caregiver assistance and/or physical force for patient transfer.

With UpLyft, individuals living at home who suffer from limited mobility can regain their sense of independence. In healthcare facilities, UpLyft eliminates injuries related to patient lifting, reduces staff shortages and workers' compensation claims, and makes for an overall happier work environment. Whether you are a wheelchair user, nurse, caregiver or loved one, UpLyft can drastically improve your quality of life.

Visit our website at to learn more or contact us at to start UpLyfting your life today!

Uplyft in action

Watch the UpLyft in Action at Home and in a Healthcare Facility

Self-Transfer at Home - Bed to Wheelchair:

Assisted Transfer at Home - Wheelchair to Bed:

Assisted Transfer Healthcare Facility - Wheelchair to Bed:

Assisted Transfer Healthcare Facility - Bed to Wheelchair:

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