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LogoThevo by Thomashilfen is a mattress system which combines a high quality, open-celled foam with a winged suspension underframe. The foam is designed to contour to the body and wick away moisture. As the person lies on the surface of the mattress, the "wings" support the person's movements and provide gentle feedback. The result is a mattress that fully supports the spine, neck, back and legs, while helping to improve blood flow, relieving aching muscles, and maintaining an optimal body temperature.

Each Thevo mattress is specifically designed to offer individual user's a better night's sleep. Thomashilfen's fundamental belief is that high quality, restorative sleep aids the healing and rehabilitation process and contributes to overall health and wellness. Thevo offers a mattress to meet a variety of clinical needs including: Aches & Pain Relief, Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Pressure Ulcer Care, Wheelchair Users, and Sensory Support for Children with special needs. Mattresses fit into a standard Twin, Hospital, Full, Queen, or King bed frame and contour to an adjustable bed frame.



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