SymplBrush Starter Kit

Symplebrush LogoSymplBrush is the first significant upgrade to your toothbrush in 100 years. With our patented U-shaped design, your teeth and gums are completely (and safely) cleaned in as little as 30 seconds. This is made possible with 20x the nylon bristle coverage to help SymplBrush clean safer and faster than any other brush. Using minimal hand placement, simply press one button for just the right clean. Not too little, and not too much. Not only that, but it is dentist designed and clinically proven to work!

Included in the SymplBrush Starter Kit is the electronic handpiece, magnetic stand, USB charging cable and 2 different sized, stretch-fit brushheads that fit nearly all adult mouths.



Product: Symplbrush toothbrush on display with purple background


Product: Symplbrush toothbrush on display with white background

Symplbrush product shot

Pink Symplbrush



See SymplBrush in Action

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