TheStrokeChannel.TV Offers Needed Support for Survivors

AAbilities Expo Houston visitors! Be sure to visit TheStrokeChannel.TV broadcast booth!

TheStrokeChannel.TV is a new online television network created by Emmy Award winning TV host, producer and stroke survivor, Christopher Ewing.  

Stroke Resource Brings Answers to Abilities Expo

The Stroke Channel

Designed to provide helpful information and raise public awareness about stroke issues, Christopher will be hosting his popular radio podcast, "Life After Stroke," each day from the Abilities Expo! Be sure to go by the broadcast booth and say "Hi!"

The "Life After Stroke" radio show is designed to provide listeners who are physically and/or geographically unable to attend a stroke support group with the same friendly, compassionate connection and helpful information provided to participants who attend a support group in person.

Each podcast airs weekly on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio and on The StrokeChannel.TV app, and features a round-table discussion where fellow stroke survivors, caregivers, etc., share their feelings, experiences, milestones and accomplishments. Doctors, therapists and other medical experts on stroke are also interviewed on the show.

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