Springrose: Easy Dressing with Adaptive Bras

By Nicole Cuervo, Springrose

For women with limited upper body mobility, putting on a traditional bra can be a painful struggle and a waste of time. Springrose's Easy-On Mobility Bra is an adaptive bra that can be put on 8+ ways, so women can get dressed painlessly, independently and with dignity. It was co-designed with women and clinicians, and full of thoughtful comfort and adjustability features. Whether doing errands or lounging around, you'll feel like you aren't wearing anything.

Who Benefits From An Easy-On Adaptive Bra?

While some may argue that everyone could benefit from an easy-on bra, they are most helpful for women who have limited mobility due to an injury, illness, disability or aging.

A woman is wearing a beige Springrose Easy-On Mobility Bra

The Springrose Easy-On Adaptive Bra in particular caters to a wide range of abilities and is flexible to different mobility needs. This includes women with:

  • Limited shoulder mobility: rotator cuff tears, shoulder replacements, frozen shoulder, pre- or post- shoulder surgery, etc.
  • Autoimmune conditions: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, etc.
  • Limb differences / hemiplegia: stroke, amputations, broken bones, polio, etc.
  • Other common ones: arthritis, spinal cord injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, etc.

What Makes the Springrose Easy-On Mobility Bra Special?

The Springrose Easy-On Mobility Bra is the only bra in the world that can be put on 8+ ways, including with one hand, by stepping into it, or by pulling it on overhead.

It's the world's most flexible bra as it allows people to change how they put it on every day, adjusting to their energy and mobility. That way, people can save time, energy and retain their dignity and independence.

Four smiling women of various ages, sizes and ethnicities are holding flowers and modeling beige and black Springrose adaptive bras.

The bra is designed full of details to ensure all-day comfort. This includes a wire-free design, soft fabric, a front closure and wide sides.

Plus, there are several features that make the sizing adjustable, so users can find their best fit or easily loosen the bra during a flare up. This includes an easy Velcro closure in the front, a cushioned hook and eye closure in the back and front adjusting shoulder straps.

To determine your size in the Easy-On Mobility Bra, you can take the Springrose size quiz.

You can also buy your loved one a gift card, so they can choose their preferred color and size.

Explore two of the most unique ways to put on the Springrose adaptive bra:

One handed:

One Handed from Springrose Inc. on Vimeo.

Stepping in:

Step In from Springrose Inc. on Vimeo.

Is It Safe?

  • Pacemaker-safe: the bra is magnet-free, so there's no risk of interference or harm to a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any other medical implant.
  • OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 Certified: this means the fabric has been tested by a third-party and found to be free of chemicals that are harmful to humans. Learn more about OEKO-TEX Certifications here.
  • Nickel-free hardware: the bra's metals components (i.e. front middle clasp, shoulder sliders) have been tested by a third-part lab, so they won't cause any irritation or allergic reactions.

A rust-colored Springrose Easy-On Mobility Bra has the accessibility features labeled: Cushioned back closure for adjustability, Front adjusting shoulder straps, Wide sides, Soft, supportive fabric, Optional rings for dexterity, Easy EasyVelcro Velcro front closure, Wireless.

Disability Community Weighs in on Springrose

Bra success after bi-lateral shoulder replacements!!
On my quest for a new bra after bi-lateral shoulder replacements in 2023, I am thankful that I discovered Springrose! After wearing a cami with a shelf bra since my first shoulder replacement in April 2023, I was looking for a bra with a front closure and easy to put on. Although my post-op recovery is going very well, there are naturally some range-of-motion limitations with shoulder replacement. I also have mobility limitations following 5 back surgeries (fused T12-S1) & a hip replacement. When the bras arrived, I reached out to Springrose for assistance on the fit, because it wasn't as comfortable as I was looking for. Nicole was prompt to respond and amazing with making helpful suggestions to assess and improve fit and comfort. Through troubleshooting with Nicole, I achieved the desired fit and comfort. - Lori 36-38 B-D

It's perfect. The bras fit like a glove. I have both colors and it does work under clothes! I can finally get dressed myself. I just strap myself in and go about my day. So lucky to have found a brand that is committed to the needs of individuals with CP and limb difference alike. Thank you so much Springrose co. ♥️ - Morgan 32-34 B-D

As a disabled occupational therapist, this is a GAME CHANGER for myself as a disabled person and the clients I support in activities of daily living.
Here's the TLDR: Amazing quality and versatility; built for many body types and super comfy! THE EXTENDED TRUTH: having multiple options for donning this bra is what makes this the ultimate bra. It's universal, brings out the natural shape of the breasts, and really packs a punch for confidence. It's amazing how something like this can make such an impact for disabled people—oh, the spoons I have saved just stepping into this bra versus fussing with clasps using tremoring hands! Sleek, comfortable, and worth every penny. - Lindsey 36-38 DD-F

My new favorite bra!!
As an adult with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, I have been searching for a bra that is easy to put within my range of motion. I can finally say that I have found it here at Springrose! There are so many different ways to wear the bra, and it can be worn in almost any setting (casual, business attire, date night). Having the adjustable straps in the front is a life saver, as well as the velcro along the bottom. I'm so happy I decided to take the leap and buy this bra!! - Lillie 56-38 DD-F

Must have for chronic pain days!
This is an absolute godsend. The fabric is comfortable and gentle on your skin (anyone with chronic pain knows that during a bad flare, the slightest discomfort can be excruciating). The velcro closure on the front not only makes taking the bra on and off the easiest thing on earth, but makes it easy to reach under and loosen during the day with minimal effort. I don't normally wear a bra working from home because the inevitable discomfort and over sensitivity mean it isn't worth putting it on just to struggle taking it off- I've worn this consistently every day I've worked from home this week and never felt the "bra fatigue" I normally do. Absent a slight muscle memory adjustment period of learning to put it on in the front, this is the most low maintenance and accessible piece of clothing I own now, and saves me a lot of pain in the mornings when my arthritis is the worst! - Liz 40-42 DD-F

How Was the Adaptive Bra Developed?

Springrose takes pride in co-developing products with women and clinicians. The Easy-On Mobility Bra took three years to develop and was awarded a utility patent by the US Patents & Trademark Office in February 2024. The development process included input from 500+ women with limited mobility, 30+ clinicians including physical and occupational therapists and 40+ women user testers.


Who Started Springrose?

Springrose was started in honor of Rose, the founder's grandmother. She was an unstoppable woman but lived with chronic pain and arthritis that made it challenging to dress herself in the morning, particularly to put on her bra.

Rose, the inspiration for Springrose, is depicted with her granddaughter, Nicole, at a young age.

Nicole, the founder, tried to find an adaptive bra as a gift, but all the options were barely functional, ugly and size limited. This indignity and oversight by the apparel industry spurred Nicole to start Springrose and develop adaptive intimates that don't compromise on function, style, or comfort.

How Is the Bra Made?

The Springrose Easy-On Mobility Bra is manufactured in Colombia through fair labor. The workers are mainly women who are heads of households in rural areas and they have a safe work environment, fair wages and reasonable working hours.

Springrose is committed to supporting ethical labor and economic advancement. This is further exemplified by their warehouse partner, who employs individuals with cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

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