Remarkable Brings 7 Disability Community Game-changers to Abilities Expo

Remarkable is back at this year's Chicago Abilities Expo with 7 new disability-focused startups excited to share their work with the world. The Remarkable Accelerator supports early-stage startups and entrepreneurs who are building products that positively impact the lives of people with disabilities.

Remarkable exists to find innovators who are building affordable, life-changing assistive technology that covers the whole human experience and, at their booth, you will get the opportunity to meet a few of the global entrepreneurs in the 2023 cohort, learn about their solutions and even give them feedback that they can integrate into their products.

Get to know the Remarkable startups:

Aurie: No-touch Intermittent Catheter System

Aurie is an early-stage medical device company building an automated reusable no-touch intermittent catheter system that will improve the quality of life and health outcomes of hundreds of thousands of people in the United States who use intermittent catheters.

The company's reusable system aims to increase access and insurance coverage for no-touch catheters, which have been shown in clinical studies to reduce the likelihood of possibly life-threatening urinary tract infections. The founder built the company after his sister-in-law had a spinal cord injury and became frustrated with the existing options on the market.

Aurie hidden consumables 3-4-5: The Aurie no-touch, reusable catheter intermittent catheter system.

Enabled Play: Accessible and Diversified Technology Control Platform

Enabled Play is a platform and device that allows users to control their technology in ways that work best for them including: Voice commands, dictation, facial expressions, body gestures, virtual buttons, phone sensors, smart watch sensors, remote typing, custom hardware or third party APIs.

EnabledPlay2: A woman in a power chair is looking at three monitors and interfacing with her system via Enabled Play.

Users can combine any and all of these input methods alongside any other input they prefer to control their technology both offline and decentralized. They can map directly to standard inputs such as "raise my eyebrows to hit the space bar" but also automate tasks such as "copy this to a new PowerPoint file" which can run a series of events to complete the task automatically.

The founder created this technology during the pandemic so he could play video games with his brother who is disabled. What started in video games, is now available on all tech enabling more access for people with disabilities in the ways that work best for them.

Hominid X: Wearable Grasping Aid for Hand Weakness

For people who have hand weakness, Hominid X has built innovative wearable tools aimed at assisting individuals in reclaiming the use of their hands. Their flagship product, "Fiber," is a wearable grasping aid that competes with robotic solutions in terms of functionality while maintaining an affordable price point comparable to traditional tools.

Hominid Fiber_Drink: Using the Hominid X Fiber wearable grasping aid, a man holds a full cup of bright red Kool-Aid.

Fiber allows users to confidently and securely grasp objects of various sizes and shapes for daily tasks and hobbies. It is stylish and can be worn comfortably all day.

Springrose: Adaptive Intimate Apparel

Springrose designs adaptive intimate apparel that doesn't compromise on comfort, function or fashion. Their adaptive front closure bra can be put on multiple ways—including with one hand, limited dexterity or limited shoulder mobility—so women can get dressed painlessly and independently.

Springrose Ecomm: Two women with disabilities, one with a limb difference, are smiling and modeling their adaptive bras.

The bra was co-developed with 500+ women across various disabilities and 35 physical and occupational therapists. It's available in sizes 32B - 46F and in a flattering terracotta and a classic black. Springrose is named in honor of the founder's grandmother Rose, who had chronic pain and arthritis.

Spinex: Spinal Cord Neuromodulation Tech

Spinex is a clinical-stage bioelectric MedTech company committed to delivering spinal cord neuromodulation technologies to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions including CP and neurgenic bladder. It's non-invasive tools are showing great promise in clinical trials.

Spinex: Illustration demonstrates how electric pulses are transmitted from the controller to the spine via hydrogel electrode pads.

XR Navigation: Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Digital Map Viewer

XR Navigation was created by two blind founders who are on a mission to make maps more accessible for the 285 million blind individuals worldwide. Their flagship product, Audiom is the world's most inclusive visual, auditory and tactile digital-only map viewer.

XR NAV - Campus map with popups: This interactive map of the Georgia Tech campus contains adaptations for various disabilities.

Audium enabled blind people to gain critical information inaccessible to blind people for the first time—such as evacuation routes, where things are in context to each other, or data and information that is often presented via maps. Currently, none of this information is accessible, XR Navigation is on a mission to change that.

Possibility Nuerotechnologies: Bridges Gap Between Brain Computer Interface and Home Use

Possibility Neurotechnologies is developing Think2Switch™ which bridges the gap between the incredible potential of brain-computer interfaces and the ability to use the technology to interact with the outside world.

What was once a technology limited to the lab or the hospital is now available to families in their own homes and can be used simply and effectively. Our technology is non-invasive and easy to use. Within an hour you can set-up, calibrate and fine-tune the Think2Switch to enable your child to control external devices purely through their own thoughts.

We hope you will come by and say hello to Remarkable at Booth 820 in Chicago this year!

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