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Here you'll find everything from ingenious low-cost aids to high-tech wonders...all designed to amplify the independence of the disability community. Check back often as more companies join the Marketplace.

CURVD® Accessible Mugs

Hyper-focused on usability and inclusivity, CURVD Accessible Mugs are designed to accommodate a larger audience of people with disabilities and limb differences.

Rare Patient Voice

Want to get paid for your opinion? Rare Patient Voice wants to hear your story through confidential surveys and interviews, and pay you on a $100 per hour scale for your participation!


Whether it's their power chairs, standing chairs or power scooters, Wheelchair88 devices are renowned as some of the lightest, most compact and portable wheelchairs in their respective classes.


Give yourself the gift of relief…relief from arthritis, soreness, muscle and nerve pain, cramps, stress and anxiety. Inflamade CBD products can even give you a good night's sleep!