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AccessibleGO is the first ever hotel-booking site just for people with accessibility needs. Search hotels by specific accessibility features, book with special discounts and let our dedicated customer service specialists take care of the rest.

CushPocket Wheelchair Bag

Push with a cush! When you are on-the-go with the The CushPocket® Wheelchair Bag, everything you need is conveniently located just an arm's length away.


Whether it's their power chairs, standing chairs or power scooters, Wheelchair88 devices are renowned as some of the lightest, most compact and portable wheelchairs in their class.


Give yourself the gift of relief…relief from arthritis, soreness, muscle and nerve pain, cramps, stress and anxiety. Inflamade CBD products can even give you a good night's sleep!

Rare Patient Voice

Want to get paid for your opinion? Rare Patient Voice wants to hear your story through confidential surveys and interviews, and pay you on a $100 per hour scale for your participation!


With 20x the bristle coverage, SymplBrush cleans safer (and faster) than any other brush. The U-shaped electric handpiece with one-button activation is ideal for people with upper limb dexterity issues.

ADAPTS Portable Transfer Sling

This portable, affordable transfer sling is a must-have to help people with disabilities safely exit planes, trains, cruise ships, hotels and more in the event of an emergency evacuation or for everyday transfer.


This power stair climber is fully motorized to enable a caregiver to get their loved ones safely up and down stairs. Special discounts are available with promo code "Abilities Expo Offer."

GentleCath™ & Cure Medical catheters

GentleCath™ and Cure Medical catheters are not made with potentially harmful chemicals such as DEHP/DINP, BPA or NR-Latex. They are designed for safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

WIQOL – We Improve Quality of Life

The FOBO Wheely tire pressure monitoring system and app allows your wheelchair to automatically alert you or your caregiver when it needs air or has a flat tire.


Organize your life with FEELDOM Premium Wheelchair Bags. With an array of styles and sizes, you're destined to find the perfect carrying case that will serve you for years to come!

WHILL + Scootaround

With a focus on innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, WHILL products provides life-changing solutions and the freedom to do what you love.

One Leg Up Brand

Kids with disabilities deserve to look and feel their best with quality and functional clothing. From snapped Ts to side-zip sweats, this adaptive brand will help your little one through the most difficult days.


The "People Picker Upper" is an indispensable human lift that safely lifts a fallen person from the floor, eliminating the need for a 911 call. IndeeLift transforms a stressful fall into a non-event restoring dignity and independence.


Earthing products give your body access to the grounding response and helps you naturally reduce pain, inflammation and stress while improving your mood, sleep and overall well-being.

befree zipOns Adaptive Pants

These pants have a lot of zip to get dressed with less stress. Stylish and functional, zipOns are the perfect solution for those with limited mobility, offering a new level of ease and comfort.