Regain THAT Feeling

By Dr. Mitchell S. Tepper, PhD, MPH, Sexologist

Hi, I'm Dr. Tepper author of Regain That Feeling: Secrets to Sexual Self-Discovery. I'm a sexologist by training.

When people ask me what's a sexologist I generally respond that I'm a perpetual student of human sexuality. I have a Masters in Public Health and a PhD in Human Sexuality Education. I am like the Dr. Ruth or Dr. Laura Berman for sexuality and disability.

Disability and Sexuality

As a sexologist, I conduct research, develop educational programs, do public speaking, and provide counseling and coaching. As a person who has grown up with a chronic condition and acquired a disability at age 20 by breaking my neck when working as a lifeguard, I understand the unique issues that people with disabilities or serious medical conditions have to deal with when it comes to finding a partner, maintaining a relationship and adapting to facilitate optimal sexual pleasure.

In the months to come, I will be writing short articles and fielding select questions that come in through the Abilities community so ask away!

Mitchell Tepper

If you can't wait for your question to be answered or to speak with me at an upcoming Abilities Expo gathering, I offer individualized coaching services via and. of course I encourage you to read my book, Regain That Feeling!

About the Author:

Dr. Mitchell Tepper brings a lifetime of first-hand experience with chronic conditions and disability to his work as an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor, sex coach, writer, researcher, public speaker, licensed PAIRS Instructor, and self-proclaimed Prophet of Pleasure. He grew up with Crohn's Disease and broke his neck at age 20. After a private sector career in business and finance, Dr. Tepper realigned his life with his mission to end the silence around sexuality and disability. With no set career path in this field, Dr. Tepper founded his own company, The Sexual Health Network, and became a pioneer in the delivery of sexual health information and advice online in 1996. Many in the disability community know Mitch from his column, Love Bites, which he wrote for New Mobility magazine for 10 years. Dr. Tepper is called on regularly by the media and has been featured on CNN, Discovery, PBS and in popular press, including The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, GQ, AARP and HuffPost Live. Dr. Tepper lives in Atlanta with his wife Cheryl and their 18-year-old son, Jeremy. Learn more at

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