Makeup On Wheels Foundation Helps Disabled People Live the Life They Want

The Makeup on Wheels Foundation was established in 2020 with the ultimate goal to raise awareness that people with disabilities can be capable, productive members of society when given the opportunity to succeed.

Dedicated to serving the needs of the disabled community, The Makeup on Wheels Foundation helps to provide the necessary funding for medical expenses, personal care, assistive devices, and educational and vocational training that are needed to help these individuals adapt and become independent.

Blush brush in hand, Stephanie Debes puts makeup on a woman.


Disabled Woman Leverages Makeup Artist Talents to Advocate for Community

The Makeup on Wheels Foundation was founded by Stephanie Debes, a woman who is part of the disabled community—a community that is so often overlooked by the rest of the world. Stephanie is a graduate of St. John's University with a BA in Hospitality Management and Event Planning. She is also a certified beauty and special effects makeup artist and a New York State licensed and NCEA certified esthetician. Despite her education and specialization in the beauty field, potential employers could not see past her disability.

Stephanie Debes touches up a power chair user’s make-up as another Makeup on Wheels Foundation team member curls her hair.

Stephanie was born with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Quadriplegia as a result of medical malpractice. All four limbs are affected, causing her to use a motorized wheelchair 24/7. Her condition limits her ability to perform most everyday tasks and renders her dependent on others. She was born five months premature. Doctors told her parents that she wouldn't last three days. Twenty-eight years later, she is defying the odds every single day.

Stephanie goes above and beyond towards being an advocate to the special needs community. She offers an array of professional services, including beauty and special effects makeup, esthetician advisement and event planning. On multiple occasions, Stephanie has been featured as a lead makeup artist for NY Fashion Week, volunteered her services to cancer survivors, and has been titled as an honorary motivational speaker in universities and at special events.

Makeup on Wheels Foundation Strives to Personally Help 500 by 2025

Stephanie takes members of the foundation out regularly to partake in fun, fulfilling atmospheres, such as adaptive activities, fitness and meditation classes, and works towards their goals of completing everyday life tasks. Every year the members of The Makeup on Wheels Foundation have the opportunity to rehearse for either a fashion show or a choreographic interpretive dance that is presented in front of a live audience.

The Makeup on Wheels Foundation strives to help members of the disabled community by helping them get what they need to live the life they want. Since the first gala, the Foundation granted an individual with Cerebral Palsy a Day of Beauty at our Annual Glam Event, donated an adaptive bike to another individual with Cerebral Palsy, helped a 6x cancer patient with medical expenses and donated 100 tickets to the Flip Circus to the disabled Girl Scout Troop 75312.

The Makeup on Wheels Foundation team of people (including founder Stephanie Debes in the lower left) with a wide range of disabilities pose against a lush green background.

Our long-term goal is to help 500 individuals with various disabilities by 2025. 100% of the profits made from our services go towards the mission of the Foundation.

On June 23, 2023, we are having our 2nd Annual Gala at The Historic Old Bermuda Inn in Staten Island, New York. During the event, we will be honoring three individuals with various disabilities. There will be dinner, dancing, a presentation and raffle prizes! We would love to have you attend and help support our mission! To purchase tickets, sponsorship packages and journal ads, click here.

To learn more about The Makeup on Wheels Foundation, please visit our website and follow us on all Facebook, Instagram (both @themakeuponwheelsfoundation and @stephaniedebes) and LinkedIn.

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