IndeeLift: The People Picker-Upper

By Michael Martin, IndeeLift

It is 4:00am and dad has fallen on the way to the bathroom and is unable to get back up on his own. Mom tries to help him but he is simply too heavy. Both become frustrated and finally give up. They end up calling 911 for a "lift assist." The fire department shows up, alerting the entire neighborhood, and in a few minutes dad is back up and on his feet. He's tired and embarrassed, and mom is even more than upset. Substitute any family member or friend in this scenario. Sound familiar?Indeelift Device in action

Necessity is the Mother of Invention with Fall Recovery

Both parents of IndeeLift's founder had similar falling problems to what was described above. A failed search for a solution came up with bulky sling lifts or inflatable air mattresses, products not intended for quick, simple fall recovery. The lack of a solution to help the family led to the invention of the IndeeLift, a unique and life-changing human floor lift designed not only for falls, but also for helping individuals maneuver from their wheelchair to and from other sitting surfaces such as a couch or a commode without having to be lifted. 

Indeelift Device

What is an IndeeLift human floor to stand lift?

IndeeLift is a battery -powered, mobile lift that can be wheeled to any location where needed. It provides immediate recovery from a fall within minutes, peace of mind, painless lifts and a safe transfer solution to mobility-challenged individuals. It can be used with or without the assistance of caregivers. We have devices that can lift up to 600 lbs. (272 kg.)! Watch a wonderful review from Kevin, who lives with Inclusion Body Myositis and how the IndeeLift is a life-changing device for those that live with mobility challenges.

Why should I consider an IndeeLift?

  1. I or someone I know struggles with balance and mobility due to muscular and/or neurological challenges.
  2. I am tired and frustrated by having to call emergency services every time there is a fall.
  3. I have been injured, and/or the person being lifted has been injured during a fall recovery or while being transferred.
  4. The risk of falling or injury prevents me from leaving my chair or wheelchair, or even my house.

Seeking Relief for When a Fall Happens

The mission of IndeeLift is twofold. To provide a quick and safe method to get mobility-challenged people up after a fall.

The second is regarding safe patient handling and maneuvering in the home and care environments that are safe for the patient and caregiver alike. Lifting individuals is the number one reason that hundreds of thousands of caregivers are injured each year. IndeeLift allows patient handling that eliminates the risk of lift-related injuries to the care providers.

Indeelift Device: Seeking relief after fall

We help people stay independent in their homes. We also provide tools to assist caregivers in maneuvering patients by providing lifting, transfers and transport in the acute, post-acute, long-term and home care environments. No more heavy lifting by caregivers.

Bringing back Dignity and Independence

Indeelift LogoBeing prepared to respond to the frantic event of a fall can save all parties from worry, stress and injury. Having this life-changing tool in the ready helps an individual regain their confidence, dignity and independence and provides peace of mind for the caregiver. IndeeLift was built to solve a problem that is experienced by millions of people every day.

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