Inclusive Recreation

Why is “play” just the purview of children? Who says that all of the wonderful benefits that the action of playing provides the kiddos—like promoting social interaction, creativity, problem solving, self-esteem, positivity, relationship building and so on—aren’t just as important for adults? Frivolity, enjoyment and escape are as vital as they are easy to dismiss. more

Detrimental Effects of Diet Culture on Disability Community

June 6, 2024

With its hallmarks of unrealistic beauty standards and poor nutrition, the diet culture does us no favors. Intuitive eating, improving body image, leaning coping skills—that's the ticket for better health and overall well-being.

So You Think You Want to Train Your Own Service Dog…

March 27, 2024

Spoiler alert: You CAN train your own service dog. BUT there are a ton of points to consider before you embark on such a Herculean effort. Service dog guru Kristin Hartness addresses them one-by-one.

Abilities Expo Ambassador Vanessa Harris Launches Accessible Chicago Docu-Series

February 15, 2024

This groundbreaking docu-series from Strategy for Access not only features Chicago's most accessible attractions, it encourages other destinations to follow suit.

Facts, Fun and Creativity of the Plant-Based Diet

January 31, 2024

Explore whole food plant-based nutrition as a healthy alternative for people with disabilities to help with wound care, bowel health, brain function and more. On a strict food budget? Food advocate Tracy Williams has ideas for that, too!

Navigating the Digital Nomad Lifestyle with Disabilities

November 29, 2023

Though the open road has its accessibility challenges, could life as a digital nomad actually offer greater freedom and well-being for the disability community?

Autobiographer Attributes Success to Embracing Abilities Over Challenges

September 27, 2023

Trenaya Reid chronicles her own disability journey, highlighting the milestones and challenges, and how she faced and conquered each obstacle to achieve her goals.

Service dog? Emotional Support Dog? Companion animal? Therapy?

September 6, 2023

While they all play a crucial role in the disability community, the law views each category differently. Here's expert trainer Kristin Hartness with the 411.

How Modern Tools Simplify Relocation for People with Disabilities

September 20, 2023

Thanks to the wide variety of moving apps, virtual reality, AI-powered layout planners and more, moving doesn't have to be a nightmare for the disability community.

Hit the Road for Your Next Accessible Travel Adventure

August 15, 2023

If you think of airline travel as an accessibility blackhole, why not pivot your travel plans towards the freedom of the open road and the Great Outdoors?>

5 Tips for Flying Domestically with a Manual Wheelchair

July 18, 2023

After a long hiatus from air travel during COVID, frequent flyer Kellisa Kain and her dad, Chris, are back with some pro tips for other wheelchair travelers.

Living Healthy with a Disability: Goals and Myths

June 12, 2023

Sort through common myths that stand in the way of achieving health goals. Remember, you are not alone! Consult professionals on your healthy living journey.

Makeup On Wheels Foundation Helps Disabled People Live the Life They Want

April 11, 2023

The Makeup On Wheels Foundation not only advocates for the community with their fabulous annual gala, they will also be doing free makeovers at Abilities Expo!

Tap Dancing is Hands-Down Fun for Everyone

April 4, 2023

All you need are tap gloves and a board for tapping to be part of the Tap Dancing Hands Down craze, created and launched by professional dancer Mary Six Rupert.

Goal Setting for Healthy Living with a Disability

March 21, 2023

Exercise and smart food choices are integral to wellness, but you need a plan! Setting incremental, achievable goals will help you attain your version of healthy lifestyle.

Disability Themes Run Strong in Anime and Manga

January 31, 2023

Anime and manga aficionado Tony Stephens of Hyper-Urban Arts examines the synergy between disability and hero powers in this celebrated pop culture genre.

Blind and Low Vision Kids Experience Alaskan Wilderness

January 30, 2023

The traditional summer camp experience of making friends, playing games and enjoying the outdoors is focused for kids with vision disabilities at Camp Webber.

Where is the Outrage Against Inaccessibility?

January 28, 2023

While many National Parks boast of a smattering of accessible hiking trails, they are actually only a small percentage, leaving the lion's share of each park's trail map inaccessible to the disability community.

Tips and Tricks to Disability Travel

December 20, 2022

Your disability does not mean the thrill of travelling is out of your reach! The key to satisfying your wanderlust is due diligence to ensure real access.

Celebrated Author Says Life is Not Always a Valley of Tears

December 14, 2022

No stranger to adversity, Pascuala Herrera shares the hard-earned wisdoms that her life a disabled, Latina immigrant has taught her in three compelling books.

Bling Your Wheelchair

November 28, 2022

If accessorizing is your style, there's no reason your accessibility device can't have a little pizzazz, too! Take it from this wheelchair user who shares his secrets to glam your chair.

My Life as an Autistic Solo Traveler

October 27, 2022

In pursuing his own passion to explore our fascinating planet, Alex Stratikis discovered a serious lack of information for people like him. Now, his blog offers advice and encouragement for other autistic adults to embark on their own adventures.

Behind the Scenes of the Ms. Wheelchair America Competition

October 18, 2022

Ms. Wheelchair America 2023 Ali Ingersoll shares a sneak peek behind the curtain of what this renowned competition is really all about. Spoiler alert: It's more than the crown!than the crown!

Travel is Now More Accessible with the Winnebago Roam

September 8, 2022

Tune in for the adventures of one wheelchair user and her family as they not only road trip to the Grand Canyon, but also to favorite local spots in the Winnebago Roam.

Researchers Need Your Help with Adaptive Clothing Survey

July 6, 2022

Join this study to explore the connection between clothing and well-being in an effort to improve future adaptations. Participants can win a $100 gift card.

Design Your Gardenscape to Maximize Access

June 29, 2022

Gardening is a wonderfully therapeutic activity, but people with disabilities can only reap the benefits if they have access. Here's how to make that happen…

Save energy and reduce stress: Accessible spaces do both

May 13, 2021

Accessible spaces in homes and workplaces create atmospheres that are more relaxing, productive and allow everyone the opportunity to participate. Achieving accessibility is easier said than done.

Snow or Water: What's your favorite adaptive skiing?

October 20, 2021

LOF Adaptive Skiers bring the challenge, freedom and thrill of waterskiing and alpine skiing to the disability community. Is the mountain (or water) calling you?

Vermonters Tackle Accessible Housing Shortage

September 24, 2021

People think their only options are buying an accessible home or remodeling an existing one. But there's an alternative…a universally accessible tiny home style accommodation that can adapt to you, your home and your property.

The Price Tag on an Accessible Home

September 8, 2021

While accessibility may be priceless, the costs to create a barrier-free living environment are real. What are you looking at for a walk-in tub, wider doors or elevators? Find out here…

Spin Your Wheel with the Ayita Dance Team and the Rollettes!

July 28, 2021

Best double whammy EVER! Houston Abilities Expo goers will be treated to impressive dance performances from not one, but two talented troupes. They are empowering, compelling, motivating and what more…they'll teach you how it's done.

7 Facts that May Make a Pet Right for Your Disability

June 23, 2021

Service fish??? Definitely not. Nevertheless, there is no denying the positive impact that a wide variety of pets can have on their human partners. From facilitating learning ability to addressing mental health issues, our furry (and scaly) friends can make all the difference.

House-Hunting for Accessible Properties: A How-To Guide

June 9, 2021

Since accessible housing accounts for only a small fraction of the housing market, prospective home buyers must equip themselves with all the tools to help in their search for a "home, sweet home"—starting with this helpful how-to.

The Rollettes and Coloplast Announce National Sponsorship to Empower Women Who Roll

June 4, 2021

Buckle up! The world-famous Rollettes will perform their exciting, inclusive dance moves at the 2021 Abilities Expos. Their heart-pumping choreo will be followed by YOU, taking center stage to learn their fun routines.

Harness the Healing Power of Nature

June 1, 2021

Accessible travel expert Ashley Lyn Olson has traversed exotic locales around the globe, but her true fuel is immersing herself in the natural beauty of the U.S. National Parks. Her challenge: Even if you can't travel far, access nature close by to breathe the fresh air and feed your hungry soul.

How to a Handle Emergencies with a Disability (and a Pandemic and a Polar Vortex)

February 10, 2021

Can we all agree that we are officially maxed out on disasters? We've got COVID, widespread power outages and it seems the North Pole has come south for the winter. Whether you are weathering the storm now, or preparing for the next emergency, follow these essential directions!

EP Magazine: A Trusted Resource for Families with Disabilities Celebrates 50 Years

August 8, 2020

Regardless of the circumstances that has led an individual to experience disordered eating, there is a way forward to a healthy relationship with food. If you or a loved one can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, read on.

Planning Accessible Holiday Activities During Coronavirus

November 5, 2020

Thanks to the coronavirus—that guest that just won't leave (take a hint, Rona!)—your holidays may look a bit different than in years past. But with technology, your creative mind and these suggestions, the season can be just as special!

Go Outside and Play: Accessible Activities from a Social Distance

July 27, 2020

The Great COVID-inspired Cabin Fever of 2020 is no joke. The cure? Socially distant fresh air. Here are a few fun, accessible activities to enjoy outside.

How to Shop your Closet during a Pandemic

June 1, 2020

Just because you're not going anywhere doesn't mean you can't look good! Don't overlook the wonders of your own wardrobe in selecting your Coronavirus Couture.

Lourdes Mack Joins Cast of 'Disney Family Singalong'

April 17, 2020

She's an actor, an athlete, a musician and, as the world saw last week on Disney's hit TV special, she's a talented wheelchair dancer. Meet the irrepressible Lourdes Mack.

Stuff to do When Cooped Up with COVID

April 8, 2020

The world was rocked this week with the sad news of the passing Paralympian and Guinness record holder Angela Madsen. She died halfway through her solo ocean row from California to Hawaii.

Going Places with Donna On The Go

February 15, 2020

If you haven’t been watching the web series about the funny exploits of Donna Russo, grab some popcorn and get ready to binge. Donna’s tongue-in-cheek approach to her daily challenges has captured a worldwide audience.

Dating with a Disability: Yes, it’s possible!

January 23, 2020

Dating can be a risky proposition regardless of the boxes you are checking. Girls Chronically Rock’s Keisha Greaves takes a no-holds-barred look at her hopes, anxieties, challenges and blessings as she throws her hat in the dating ring.