Hominid X: Transformative Design for Adaptive Grasping

By Soniya Patel, Hominid X

For those struggling with reduced hand strength or paralysis, daily tasks can be a challenge. Fiber by Hominid X offers a universal solution to this issue, serving as a wearable grasping device specifically designed for such individuals. The device is most effective for those with an active range of motion in their shoulders and elbows but limited movement in their hands. It assists its users with personal care and hobbies, such as brushing hair or drawing.

Affordable Assistive Tech Changes Game for People Who Have Difficulty Grasping

An image of a hand using a device called Fiber to hold a cup with oranges on it. The image also features 3 other variations of the devices colors.

Fiber can be easily adjusted, which means it fits a variety of hand sizes. It works like a supportive frame around your hand, helping it close around objects in a natural way. Fiber is a great solution for those who cannot grasp or hold a grasp for an extended amount of time. Many assistive grasping devices today rely on electronic components to perform the grasp; this can be costly and complicated for the user. Instead, Fiber uses a spring-loaded cable mechanism making the device reliable regardless of charge while still enabling the users to hold objects of substantial weight. Users have reported the ability to securely hold objects as heavy as 1.5L water bottles.

Rather than keeping track of multiple assistive aids throughout the day, our users wear Fiber all day long. Fiber was designed to look and feel like a common smartwatch because Hominid X believes that wearable assistive technology should be comfortable and stylish.

Fiber is made from a medical grade latex-free silicone and is available today in four unique colors. At an affordable price of $99, Fiber offers a highly competitive alternative to more expensive robotic solutions, making it an accessible choice for those in need of a grasping tool. 

Hominid X is excited to announce that due to overwhelming demand, they will also be launching a version designed specifically for children by the end of 2023; this version is available for preorder today.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Fiber, don't wait. Visit www.HominidX.com to learn more or place an order today!

User Success Story: How Fiber Transformed Megan's Baking.

Megan Dloniak is a 25-year stroke survivor with left-side hemiplegia. In the 10 years since her stroke, Megan has tried various therapies and devices to regain the function of her left side with major successes. However, even with this effort, she has not been able to regain full function of her hand. While Megan can grasp for a short period of time, she often loses the grasp, dropping the item she was holding.

In order to complete her daily tasks and hobbies Megan often relied on homemade gadgets and adaptations. Currently, her goals are to use her left hand to brush her hair and to open a gluten-free bakery.

Image of a Megan a youth stroke survivor holding a cake while also showing off a wearable grasping device called Fiber.

Baking is no easy task, those who bake know it requires switching between various tools, mixing, opening containers, etc. Megan uses Fiber for a large variety of tasks, she mentioned the following in the podcast: Changing What's Possible: Grasp Your Goals With Assistive Tech from Hominid X.

"I love cooking and baking. And I found I've always had problems if I'm using jars or cans, I would have to throw a good amount of the product in the jar or can away because I was unable to scoop out everything from the jar."

With Fiber Megan is reaching her goals. Whether she's brushing her hair or preparing gluten-free baked goods, Fiber is a versatile tool that adapts to her daily needs by allowing her to grasp whatever she needs for the day!

To learn more about Megan and to keep up with her journey be sure to check her out on Tiktok @m3ganb3th.

Hominid X Launched by Inventor Frustrated with Exuberant Pricing

Hominid X was founded by lifelong inventor Thane Hunt. Hunt has experience designing almost everything from industrial robotic arms to prosthetic cooling devices. He decided to start Hominid X after realizing how often medical device companies choose to price their products for insurance reimbursement rather than an accessible price for end users. Fiber was invented in 2022.

Man with brown hair holding a coffee cup using Fiber, a grasping device designed for those with hand weakness. The coffee cup has the Hominid X logo on it.

Fiber was officially launched to the public in October 2022 at the American Society of Hand Therapists conference in Washington DC, receiving many compliments from healthcare professionals.

Recently, the team completed a 16-week startup accelerator program with the leading disability tech accelerator, Remarkable Tech. Fiber and other products by Hominid X are available for order at www.HominidX.com.

Coming to Abilities Expo Pheonix on September 8-10, 2023? If yes, you'll get the chance to see the Hominid X Fiber in action at booth #728. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Woman with brown hair holding a phone using Fiber, a grasping device designed for those with hand weakness. The phone has an image of Hominid X's slogan Reclaim Exceed Evolve.

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