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It's December. Things are crazy and you aren't even close to figuring out what to get everybody. That's where we come in. The perfect gift for your loved ones with disabilities could be a click away. Take a peek at these wonderful products and start checking off that list!

Rare Patient Voice

Want to get paid for your opinion? Rare Patient Voice wants to hear your story through confidential surveys and interviews, and pay you on a $100 per hour scale for your participation!

Thevo Mattresses

Thevo mattress system by Thomashilfen is designed to contour to the body, wick away moisture and fully support the spine, neck, back and legs.

ADAPTS portable transfer sling

While the ADAPTS portable transfer sling is crucial in helping a disabled person exit planes and more in an emergency, it is also a handy everyday transfer tool.

TerrainHopper USA

Access doesn't have to stop where the pavement ends. TerrainHopper is a four-wheel drive off-road mobility vehicle that allows you to go WAY off the beaten path.

Buttons 2 Button Magnetic Adaptor Dressing Aid

No sewing necessary! Convert shirt buttons into magnetic closures in minutes to make dressing and temperature regulating effortless.

Accessible Tourism in Saxony / Germany

Saxony has a wealth of accessible tourist offers for people with disabilities—both for cultural and city travelers, as well as for active holidaymakers.

SOS Monitoring & Medical Alert Wristband

Prevent wandering, improve well-being and promote an independent lifestyle for your loved ones with disabilities with the SecuLife Smart monitoring wristband.

SureHands Lift & Care Systems

This reliable and customizable lift system allows you to maneuver between the bed, bath, shower, toilet and wheelchair independently or with help.


Regardless of the medical condition, your loved ones want to stay at home. Hillrom can make that happen safely with the right medical bed, therapeutic mattress and patient lift systems.

smartCRUTCH / York Nordic

smartCRUTCH's adjustable forearm crutch design distributes weight over the forearm, releasing pressure from hands, wrists and shoulders, while York Nordic crutches and walking poles put a spring in your step.


This three wheeled self-propelled walking bike is perfect for people who want to maintain an active life regardless of mobility challenges. Plus it's REALLY cool-looking.

Enemeez® Mini-Enema

For people with spinal cord injury or disease, Enemeez mini enemas can turn a bowel care process that takes hours into one that takes less than 15 minutes.


loop+ is like Fitbit for your butt! It tracks seated movement and positioning so that you can spy a risk before it becomes a problem, like a pressure sore.

Novaf USA, LLC

From the beach to the city, Novaf USA accessible leisure products give people with disabilities the opportunity to join in on outdoor adventures with loved ones.

ProFlow UTI Defense

Übee Nutrition's ProFlow UTI Defense has been a game-changer for people with chronic UTIs. This natural supplement helps flush, cleanse and restore bladder health.

3rd Foot Cane

The Aligned As Designed 3rd Foot Cane with SureGrip Support Technology helps maintain upright posture, balance and stability when walking and on the stairs.

Firefly 2.5 Electric Wheelchair Attachment

Morph your manual wheelchair into a power one with the Firefly 2.5 so you can travel further, faster, more efficiently than you can with push-rims.

Ormesa / Assistive DME

The Ormesa line of innovative gait trainers (Grillo), wheelchairs (Juditta) and strollers (Bug) are designed to enhance comfort and independence of seniors and people with disabilities.

Driver Rehabilitation Center of Excellence (DRCE)

Whatever your requirements, chances are good that the DRCE has adaptive equipment and/or adaptive techniques to get you back on the open road.


Where there's a WHILL, there's a way to greater independence. Form meets function in these compact, portable and highly maneuverable personal electric vehicles.


Great for psoriasis, eczema, dry skin or everyday skin care, InfiniteAloe combines aloe and 30 vitamins and botanical extracts to create a welcome gift for your skin.


Give yourself the gift of relief…relief from arthritis, soreness, muscle and nerve pain, cramps, stress and anxiety. Inflamade CBD products can even give you a good night's sleep!