Abilities.com Partners with FACIL'iti to Boost Access on Web Platform

Abilities Expo and its digital platform, Abilities.com, has taken a major step toward its corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment to the disability community, its clients, team and partners. By upgrading the accessibility of its website with the latest state of the art technology, it is now more easily adaptable to people with visual, motor and cognitive disabilities, and more generally to people who are simply looking for a better user experience.

Abilities has chosen to partner with FACIL'iti, a French start-up company that has designed an innovative toolbar solution which personalizes the display of websites and intranets to improve online navigation.

It's important to note that this technology is designed to take an already WCAG compliant website to the next level of accessibility and not intended to be a substitute for the incorporation of important accessibility features into the bones of your platform.

FACIL'iti Revolutionizes Website Accessibility

About a third of the population has difficulty using traditional websites due to a lack of adaptations: Colors, menu position, contrasts, fonts, etc. FACIL'iti allows them to personalize the website display according to their disability and their preferences, creating easier navigation, more autonomy and digital inclusion.

Faciliti Web Accessibility of Abilities home page

"Recognizing the increased need for digital in our day to day lives, Abilities.com has decided to upgrade its digital accessibility with the latest technology so that a greater number of visitors can gain access to our information and events, in an easy to use, egalitarian initiative of internet accessibility," says Lew Shomer, Chairman of Abilities Expo.

FACIL'iti is thrilled to be associated with the Abilities team, whose commitment and excellence are shared values.

Leading-edge Software Meets the Challenge of Addressing Multiple Disabilities

The challenge of web accessibility is this: How do you make one website satisfy a wide range of disabilities? For example, the adaptations that you would make to meet the needs of someone with low vision are different from the adaptations for color blindness which are different from those necessary for Parkinson's disease.

Users click on "Customized Accessibility" at the top of each Abilities.com webpage to reveal a menu where they can toggle the disability filter that applies to them. If they select "dyslexia," it changes the font of the website, allows them to select the letters that cause them confusion and even apply a ruler to isolate each line of copy. If "cataract" is chosen, the text is enlarged and lightened, while the background colors are darkened. If the web visitor has dexterity issues which result in imprecise movements, the result is an interface where the clickable areas are enlarged and spaced out.

The existing personal filters address visual, motor and cognitive disabilities and yield more than 1,000 combinations. Furthermore, all the magic happens without requiring developers to make costly adjustments to their website's existing codebase.

If you are interested in elevating your website's accessibility and becoming more user friendly to a greater percentage of the population, contact FACIL'iti to request a demo.

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