Battery Powered Stair Chair Climber Lift

EVAC Chair LogoAs a caregiver, one of the most challenging tasks you may face is helping your loved one navigate stairs. Whether you are helping them up the stairs to get to their bedroom or assisting them down the stairs to the living room, lifting and carrying a person can be physically demanding and potentially risky for both you and your loved one.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can make taking care of loved ones at home much easier: the Evac + Chair Power Stair Climber 800h.

A power stair climber is a motorized chair that is specifically designed to go up and down stairs safely and easily. It is fully motorized, meaning it does not require any lifting or carrying on the part of the caregiver. Instead, it uses a combination of wheels and tracks to safely navigate stairs, allowing your loved one to remain seated and secure while being transported up or down the stairs inside or outside the home.

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EVAC Chair product shot

EVAC Chair going down stairs

Product shot of EVAC Chair

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